23 November 2015

Giving Thanks Despite Overwhelming Turmoil and Quality of Life Issues!

 I've written  previous posts on the grace shown during Thanksgiving and the varied perspectives on the meaning of  this holiday. For the month of November, a 'Be Thankful' banner theme was chosen in response to my previous posts on what's wrong with the world and those of us who inhabit it.

 Briefly, it's those actions that cause havoc and sully our viewpoints about others which tend to overshadow the good humankind is capable of and practices.  Whenever one is made aware of those events on a macro or anecdotal level, expressions of  appreciation are in order and must be celebrated if only as a means of balancing them.  Therefore as the title suggests, giving thanks and gratefulness elevates us to a higher level. It raises the bar of what we can become and certainly what we've achieved.   Bountiful blessings to all.

1 comment:

mary burrell said...

I am thankful to be employed and having a roof over my head and something in my pantry and refrigerator to eat. And somewhat healthy. God is good.

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