This effort is a means of sensitizing the public to mental health issues within their various presentations and diminish the stigma and judgmental attitudes towards those who are subjected to brain disorders.  The continuum ranges from mild to severe and of late the public opinion has been skewed by extreme accounts of violence perpetrated by those allegedly diagnosed as mentally ill.  The latter is a small percentage with the majority  usually the victims of violence, scorn, maltreatment and a host of other discriminatory practices.  The family which is the main socialization entity for a thriving society suffers as well as other institutions. The consequences are realized in the  political, economic, social and educational arenas.  Although African Americans and other ethnic groups will be the foci given the  accessibility and treatment for many in these groups render them under served; there are those with the means, yet, aren't able or willing to reach out for help.  They, too, will be the subject of this endeavor. 

 Chimamanda Adichie On Her Struggle With Depression

 Marshawn McCarrel voluntarily chose to get on that train February 8, 2016 after he championed worthwhile causes to improve the lot of marginalized citizens in this country.  As I've stressed on this site, depression is a deadly illness and untreated or unrecognized can lead to a premature transition.  The obstacles and daunting challenges of his advocacy certainly contributed to the mindset that led to his demise.  A commenter referred to him as a loser for the choice he made which showed very little knowledge of this illness.  As Mr. McCarrel stated:

"My demons won today. I'm sorry."

Those of us who were proud of the endeavors and efforts you made while on this side are sorry that you didn't get the necessary assistance to fortify you in continuing the fight.
Blessings and Peace

Rest In Peace For You Were Loved
MasterChef  Finalist
Melissa Harris Perry introduced this young man's struggle with psychosis/bi-polar disorder and eventual suicide  to a broader audience 7/19/14. As an advocate for a more expansive and accessible mental health system; my congratulations to those who continue to sound the alarm on this ongoing crisis. In a post on Schizophrenia 2/2/11, the seriousness of psychosis and inadequate treatment for this disorder was addressed.  The woman I featured was one of a few whom through appropriate medication, familial support system and accessibility to a comprehensive and intensive mental health network; was able to lead a relatively 'normal' life. 

We must pay more attention to those local politicians whom we elect to office and educate them as well as hold them accountable in funding mental health services.  We've allowed the Criminal Justice System and untrained law enforcement officers to take the place of trained mental health professionals and treatment centers.  The consequences have been disastrous.  I've provided the link to this article on Josh Marks by Bryan Smith which is a must read!

'Robin Williams Can't be Dead' by Gene Seymour
The genius of his comedic and dramatic talents have left us with an abundance of comedy specials and films for decades to come.  However, it's  his humanity, philanthropy and unselfish contributions to others that will be his enduring legacy.  His death by suicide pains the heart for the love and kindness he gave to others were lacking for himself.  He's the classic case of hiding years of  cumulative pain along with a chillingly and newly diagnosed chronic disease behind the smile and the antics.  How we wish he could have  endured that long night for the morning is capable of bringing hope and joy.


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Ashley: Living with Schizophrenia

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Domestic Violence is a Family Affair


It Gets Better Mental Health said...

Amazing blog :) I've only just gotten into blogger and am amazed how many amazing blogs there are out there! Thankyou for your mental health advocacy section ❤️ It's so important to spread positivity and advocacy about these things.

Carolyn Moon said...

I appreciate your comment and sensitivity to this issue for it is a major health crisis!

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