On a starry night over 2000 years ago a sacred event took place that infinitely changed humankind.

16 December 2017


The message this Christmas is brief and I've also featured the various archival  holiday messages on my sidebar. Many of the issues raised then haven't changed and I imagine will be with us for years to come.  The Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays controversy and the validity of the differing points of view are re-visited.  I've been quite clear about my views on the subject, however, I recently read an article by John Pavlovitz, a self-described "20-year ministry veteran trying to figure out how to love people well and to live-out the red letters of Jesus." and it broadened a few concepts I had about this subject.  In my opinion, this article has been one of the better perspectives on Why I'm a Christain who says "Happy Holidays".

*Enjoy this season of love, communion, goodwill, and charity. 

11 December 2017

A Few Thoughts On "God A Human History"

Author Bio
I was first introduced to this book and author while viewing a Super Soul Sunday segment on OWN.  Oprah was interviewing Reza Aslan about this somewhat controversial book on his concept of God.  Mr. Aslan has an impressive bio and I've provided a link for your convenience.  As a practice, I usually present books that I find interesting on my sidebar with links to reviews and occasionally will do a Goodreads review on my sidebar sites of interest.   This one particularly held my fascination and I wanted my subscribers or those who've not heard of his work or his background to read and share their impressions.  The latter, of course, may be pushing it or rather ambitious for a personal blog with a limited audience. I must say, that this book also provided a more succinct language acumen for my own questions and perplexities about "The Almighty" and other names associated with this omnipotent force 'from which all knowledge flows.'

Briefly, Dr. Aslan cites:

That we ascribe our various virtues and vices, feelings and flows to God.  We humanized God and that we are 'hardwired' in our brains to do so.  He further states that the very process of conceptualizing God compels us to knowingly or fashion "him" in our own images. The humanization of God by making him (gender bias) us.  This force begs our predilection to say we are fashioned in his image, however, humans have fashioned him in our image.

I've wrestled for many years on this subject and believed how can one satisfactorily explain an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient force in such limited terms with emotions that have not only enhanced the human experience but also exposed the evil and inhumane attributes of mortals.

This book is a scholarly approach with extensive research on all the major and less known religious groups which led to his most recent beliefs about GOD. I'm sure it will be viewed as 'New Age' stuff by the more conservative and established religious believers, that is if they decide to read it. 

I believe that until the day of my final transition; my lifelong question will continue to be; what was all this about?  There are many religious scholars and philosophers who have given their thoughts on the how(?), but the why(?) will remain a mystery and as Deepak Chopra cites that the latter keeps him humbled and in awe.  Me too!


11 November 2017


 This is a re-posting of a compilation of former Thanksgiving messages .  Once again, we are at the crossroads of human suffering with a lot of recent trauma related to President Donald Trump, killings of unarmed black youth, pathological hatred, Russia-gate justice denied, overall escalation of human misery, global wars, persecution, genocide and the unremitting and daunting effects of poverty. The latter is just to name a few.  In the midst of all this...we continue to  publicly celebrate the rite of Thanksgiving.  Acts of kindness still abound, many people are doing well despite the hardships expressed which is usually the case.  "Many things are true at once" , however, we must not forget or fail to continue to advocate and diligently work for changes that enhance humanity and lend to making subsequent Thanksgivings more meaningful.
"Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.  Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse." ~ Henry Van Dyke ~

Photo Credit:  Public Domain

18 September 2017

In Remembrance of Dick Gregory 1932 ~ 2017



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