06 August 2019



This will be brief for I am fresh in my grief for this outstanding scholar, novelist, intellectual, Nobel Prize Winner, Pulitzer Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. I remember several years ago, a family friend lamented when a well-known celebrity had transitioned and I'm paraphrasing...send the ushers and bring the smelling salts! My sentiments since I heard the news that she has left us and they all eventually leave us.  The saving grace is her legacy of superb novels, *academic and *philosophical writings and her love for a people horrifically displaced, who struggled and attained heights that dared to challenge oppressive tactics and moved on for the greater good.  I've read that she is and was a National Treasure, for now, I'm not ready to fully let her go, so my feelings are with the former.

*Statement From the Family of Toni Morrison:

A preview of the latest documentary "The Pieces I Am" and a few of the many interviews that will stay with me until my final transition:

04 July 2019


I've written previous articles on the Fourth of July and what that means to people of color and cited speeches by our forefathers and contemporaries on this subject with considerable focus on Frederick Douglas' Speech.  There are many opinions citing the pros and cons of supporting this holiday and are valid, I suppose.  It's particularly troubling this year with the Trump Regime, citizens and Republicans of his ilk and their serious efforts and successes in taking us back to the celebration of white supremacy in this country. 'Make America Great Again' has and continues to be a rallying call to the chagrin of many Americans.  I viewed CBS Morning News and was introduced to this young woman poet, Amanda Gorman and her take on the 4th and her view of what it should and can be in the most eloquent manner.  I did some research on her and was impressed and I'm glad to have been introduced to her and her activism with an emphasis on 'oppression, feminism, race, and marginalization'. She will recite her poem with the Boston Pops Orchestra as Americans celebrate the 4th. I viewed a rehearsal of the orchestra with the beautiful interpretive reading of her poem "Believer's Hymn for the Republic".    

 Trump will celebrate the 4th in D.C. in his honor rather than the country's celebration of this republic based on the highest ideals for freedom, liberty, and justice.  It has failed numerous times but the citizens and concerned representatives have fought relentlessly for it to live up to its principles. I will focus on the Boston Pops celebration for the rolling of tanks, military jets overhead and feigned patriotic platitudes repurposed in a rally speech for a second term by 45; is more than I can tolerate. There is a link to the CBS video of Amanda Gorman and the orchestra in rehearsal.  I've added the poem.

29 December 2017

The Musings Of A Septuagenarian Novice Signing Off & Welcoming 2018 With Trepidation And Conviction

What I've noticed during the beginning of each decade of my existence is that there was always a set of circumstances that marked its uniqueness beginning at the age of ten (Denarian). My mother remarried and my step-father became my beloved "Pop" for life. I, also, started my menses and my life of care-free days at the playground with the softball team was restricted and I began my years of dependency on Midol once a month not to mention other prohibitions. During my 20th year (Vicenarian) my politics were more to the left and Pan-Africanism and research on the history of my ancestors on this continent and globally with their detractors/oppressors became a preoccupation. I took nothing for granted and as Malcolm X had stated; think for yourself and always research what you hear and come to your own conclusions.  During my mid-twenties, I married and began a family which was no easy task due to medical concerns.  As I began my thirties (Tricenarian) my husband and I were surprised with another pregnancy and I completed my graduate studies.  Upon my 40th year (Quadragenarian); I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and fought resolutely through 2 separate diagnoses...five years apart.

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