15 October 2015

The Consistency of Dr. Elizabeth Warren's Advocacy for the People!

In 2011, I posted an article on Elizabeth Warren's advocacy for comprehensive insurance for all. She supported programs to assist the struggling middle class, working poor and those in need of programs that provide viable rather than punitive assistance.  She was a professor at the time and hadn't entered the halls of a do-nothing congress. The essence of that article is as follows.

Dr. Warren is another town crier who knows what she's talking about with a researched and clearly articulated advocacy to assist millions of Americans who've been adversely affected by the current healthcare system.   She speaks truth to power with an urgency for our future welfare as well which is a rarity these days.  I've provided a link to one of her interviews and a lecture for your convenience and knowledge base.  We must understand what is going on before we can ask the pertinent questions as we push forward for fair and reasonable solutions to the  imbalances of this country's healthcare maze. 

March 23, 2010 when the President signed the ACA; she remained a supporter of that move although there were many in opposition.  When she took the oath, 2013 for the Senate of the United States,  Elizabeth Warren continued to push bills to try and balance the power between the oligarchy and the rest of us.  

Again, in 2015 she doesn't disappoint and this is in reference to her forceful statement about the "Black Lives Matter"movement.

Netroots Nation Keynote Address 2015

There is a realization that she can't solve the problem alone but she's speaking out forcefully.  I'm sure she has and will continue to suffer the consequences of her stands. One characteristic I've observed over the past 5 years is that she doesn't back down from controversy. She is steadfast  when it comes to the unjust oppression of marginalized groups. Jamelle Bouie's article in the Slate addresses this issue. I agree with him that her speeches on "Black Lives Matter" are impressive, however, we've just begun.  The groups who are in the forefront of this solution focused movement, I'm sure, welcome the support of those in powerful government positions.
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