18 December 2015

The "Merry Christmas" Debate Obscures Peace & Goodwill Message

I recently read on social media a number of comments regarding the inappropriateness of "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays" on the symbolic birthday of Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas was deemed the most appropriate for believers and those who choose to celebrate the holiday.  

This issue was basically addressed in the featured {12/16/14} post on my sidebar, however, I must reiterate that in the spirit of what we've been told in the New Testament, Jesus' message while on this earth was  of love and acceptance.   He did not shame anyone away from his message and had a tolerance for those struggling with it.  We are not only celebrating his birth but the coming of the New Year; Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings  fits the bill as well for it represents inclusion and respect for those who want to participate in the joy the season brings.  There are so many wonderful events and acts of humanity that we come to celebrate and participate in during this time. I see no disrespect from those who choose to express any one of the following:      

Image Credit: Sheila Landry Designs



mary burrell said...

Seasons Greetings Sister Carolyn and if The Father in Heaven allows Happy New Year

mary burrell said...

I love the Thomas Blackshear art. He is a remarkable artist.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and do feel the same way. Amid all of the sadness and turmoil of world events, it's a bright spot that we can be happy about.

Here on the island people begin putting up their decorations and trees in early November. Psychologists say that this is because we have so many problems and difficulty's here in our daily lives, that we are so hungry for a little reason to be happy and festive. So we don't even look at or beyond the words,the name of the holiday :)

But for us it's not over yet, we still have the New Years celebration, AND then the Three Kings Day on the 6th of January, and that's when it officially ends. Then school starts again the Monday after that. But it brings a welcome respite from all of the work, drudge and drear of daily life. :)

Merry Christmas, hope you got all the presents you asked for! and have a prosperous,healthy and happy New Year.


Carolyn Moon said...

@Sister Burrell~ Thank you for the well wishes and I wish you a healthy and bountiful New Year despite the mounting tragedies and proliferation of hate and related crimes. I'm making a more concerted effort to search and find the stories/events that are encouraging and uplifting. And to add to that by continuing to do my best in promoting them.

Carolyn Moon said...

@Sister Burrell: Yes indeed Mr.Blackshear's paintings move me and are testaments to his exceptional artistry. I promote him whenever I can. :-)

Carolyn Moon said...

@Lilacpr2000 ~ I totally agree with you and I don't take down my decorations until after the first of year. Trying to savor the joy of it all for an extended period. I keep up with your blog and you're an example of living your best through many of challenges our journey on this plane presents. A wonderful and healthy New Year to you as well.

Many hugs! :-)

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