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Prologue:  As the mother of a young woman diagnosed within the spectrum of Autism; this challenge is very near and dear to our family's heart and soul.  Early intervention was critical to our efforts in securing services and our work in diligently developing her talents and abilities.  Please note the link  to the HollyRod Foundation which has an exemplary outreach to families of color with autistic children; some of whom aren't aware of diagnostic and treatment services and how to access them.
This is a critical starting point, however, we've discovered that once they become adults, services dwindle and in many cases are non-existent.  Depending on where the individual is on the spectrum; they become a part of many special needs adult programs that aren't factoring in the unique characteristics of many autistic adults. As we continue to advocate for children; we must not stop there.  Assertive Autism Advocacy is needed for the adult population.  Their abilities, talents and skills can lend to a more independent lifestyle with unlimited benefits for society.

WEBMD Information on Autism Spectrum Disorders

February 18, 2017
Love this family and their reality show on OWN.  They provide a forum for families who have a member diagnosed with Autism and how it can be a gift rather than a burden.  Strategies for keeping the family intact and sensitizing the community on keeping them safe and thriving.  

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