17 November 2012


During this week leading up to Thanksgiving; I thought I'd spend a period reflecting on what this holiday means to those of us who celebrate it and for those who smugly declare that they are thankful on a daily basis.  One day designated to do so begs the point.  And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't  mention those of us who are in a very dark place or frankly believe that in the scheme of things--what is there to be truly thankful for; given all the catastrophic and troubling events in this country and around the world.  Happenstance can be the great equalizer or lend to a neutrality that can bring pure joy as well as despair. 

Would it be disingenuous to be thankful with a caveat of sorts?  An example would be an incongruity that we accept as we express gratitude that  those who are homeless and hungry are being fed in lines by charities, although, they are in the midst of utter despair.  It could be worse; no food...no caring folks...no charities. Right? Therefore, it would be ungrateful for us not to be thankful for the small and random acts of kindness we encounter on this  journey. 

Is that what this Thanksgiving thing is all about to be grateful for things in all facets of our lives that go well although they may occur in the mist of hardship, grief and chaos.  Does the thankful part come as a sense of relief that some of what we had hoped for in the midst of our troubles...did indeed... take place! 

The message at the beginning of this post captures how I'm feeling as I contemplate what I had hoped for in many instances during my life that became a reality and yes I'm so thankful (relieved) that it did.  I have a short list here for brevity works in these forums which by no means reflects the numerous situations in my life that lend to the concept of Thanksgiving.

Briefly, I'm thankful for:

The blogging community and the folks that I've met who've had a significant impact on my life.  The sharing of ideas, perspectives, disagreements and a meeting of the minds which transcends constructed lines of age, gender, ethnicity and class.

 Those who work towards the advancement of all humankind in various capacities.

Lastly, but most importantly, my family and those families who struggled to love and stay together during the most trying as well as wondrous times.   This includes "non-traditional" families and those individuals who form alliances based on love, need, harmony and inclusion.  'Bountiful' blessings to all.

Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning ~ Wampsutta  ~


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely and gracious post,in remembrance of all the good we do have.

There's a lot to be thankful for:)

Carolyn Moon said...

Yes...Indeed! :-)

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