21 January 2017

The Obamas: Depth & Symbolism


2nd Inauguration Parade 2013
Inauguration Parade 2009 

First State Dinner @ White House

Two of the many images of the Obamas that make you smile

At first, there was some worry about engaging in a Tavis Smiley "love letter" mode to former President Obama given that I was one who would from time to time express my concern and disappointments with some of his decisions and behavior especially as it pertains to black folks. Ta-Nehisi Coates did a splendid job on the latter in an essay he wrote, 'My President Was Black'  . I must say that I cared about his Presidency and was protective towards the family and truly loved what they stood for not to mention the impact on young people. Those who have chosen to live and prosper within mainstream America despite their concerns on certain issues remained loyal and were unforgiving in their attacks on those black folks who were critical of him at times.  I agree that the symbolism was incredible and it was wonderful listening to young boys deciding to wear ties to school and to take their studies seriously for they wanted to be like President Obama.        

It goes without saying {but I'm saying it}that there will be a population of young people of color whom for the first 8 years of their lives reaped the benefits of a man of color occupying the most powerful office in the world.  Oh Lawd...the ancestors said in unison!  I will especially miss Michelle, Malia and Sasha and I eagerly await what great things they will do as citizens. Mrs. Obama cared and pushed programs on children's health  and for the families of those who served  in the Armed Services while first lady. We won't forget.

There was an article some time ago, listing all that the President had accomplished despite the egregious obstructionism by Congress. A post that I published 1/28/2011 titled "Mr. President: What's Goin On?" clearly exposed my inner turmoil  as I felt at that time that there was a 'bait and switch thing' going on. One of the respected bloggers that I follow coined him as the "changeling" which rings true for me.  I, then would consider those issues that we as Americans aren't privy to and what he had to reconcile with that were probably daunting at best with the worse  scenario as cataclysmic.  Then again, there were the social and cultural exchanges he and his family shared with the world while in the White House that left us smiling and at times uplifted.  What an emotional ride over the years and it culminated in tears as I watch the Obamas board the helicopter and what they left behind.  Harambee!

"Barack & Michelle Obama Wave Good-bye to Washington"


There were other Americans who expressed their sorrow as  one of the following illustrations depicted.

 By Jenan Steward.


Moon said...

I still can't watch the video of them leaving. But this is a great reflection on what having them in the White House for 8 years has been like. Thank you!

Carolyn Moon said...

Appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by! ^◡^

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