21 January 2017


Multi-Ethnic Congresswomen at the March

As I reflect on the events simultaneously held during Trump's Inauguration ;ambivalency reigned. I was saddened by  the events of his election and confirmation, yet, experienced some hope after viewing the Women's March. There was a sense of optimism that the showing was just the beginning of securing our rights again. Images are powerful.

 I've provided links to the articles that thus far best describes not only those issues that unite women and progressive men but women of color and their issues within the feminist movement.

There was also an article written by Dave Zirin that gave a clear account of how things went on the far side of 'Trump's Day' which was greatly exaggerated by his press secretary, Sean Spicer and framed by Kellyanne Conway as "alternative facts". What was so disconcerting is that the aerial evidence was clear and seen by millions.  A well known previous quote by a deceased comic... "who are you going to trust, me or your lying eyes?" rings true in this situation as well as other incidents. 

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