28 January 2011


This photo struck a chord with me when first viewed on Panopticon Review.  It exemplifies the angst and ambivalent feelings many progressives are having about the current administration. This image could also suggest his resentment and disillusionment by the opposition he's received from the Republicans, Independents and Blue Dog Democrats on the key issues he ran on in 2008. His efforts to be bipartisan have been unsuccessful after all the concessions he's made and the President is beginning to lose and some would say has lost his base. Many of whom,  I'm sure, voted in the mid-terms and returned the Republicans to a powerful position in the house. 

Some would argue that the Panopticon Review Posts were rather harsh and have somewhat aligned with the other forces out there who have been very clear about "bringing down" this Presidency.  Therein lies the angst.  I do believe President Obama has accomplished quite a bit during the two years of rampant opposition to anything he proposes.  Jack & Jill Politics have been very diligent in efforts to list them all.  

There are still those series of posts on the Panopticon Review by our best minds that President Obama has lost his way on the path to appease his opponents and will surely become the greatest Triangulator since Bill Clinton's move to the right of center on key issues during his administration.  Oh by the way he left the country with not only a balanced budget but one of surplus funds. The latter was quite a fete to many since "economics" is the name of the game. It still defies logic that those on the right refuse to acknowledge what Clinton left the Bush inner circle and how they catapulted us into a devastating deficit and blamed the current administration for all the collateral damage.  How do we constructively criticize the current administration without being used by those on the right, the budding seditionists and the racists? There are those who are now begging his wife, Michelle to try and influence him to turn this ship around with images of a sinking vessel and many who believed in his Presidency left to drown.  What a fiasco.  How can those of us who wanted him to do well assist in changing the course of this administration?  Rahm Emanuel jumped ship.  Some say it was a smart move and others an act of betrayal after initially manning it on this course of destruction.

It's a sad commentary that the lyrics of one of my favorite oldies are apropos today as they were in 1971 when Marvin Gaye recorded this song in response to the Viet Nam War and the political unrest during that time.


 I entered a post January 30, 2010 titled "President Obama in the Lion's Den" and spoke of his courage, knowledge, insight and intelligence when he addressed or dressed down the Republicans and their childish antics cloaked in the policy of NO.  He took the suggestions that they had regarding what they'd like the administration to do which wasn't much . They actually looked as superficial and petty as their intentions and behaviors were before the meeting.  It was so revealing that they refused to meet with him again for dinner after their miniature victories in the house subsequent to the mid-term elections. Again, who wants to look foolish with the same policy recommendations that got us into this mess.  They were disrespectful which unfortunately isn't anything new with this crew, yet, it reminds us that President Obama has undergone  opposition that exceeds that of any recent leader of the free world.  Racism is one of the underlying factors although there are many who refute it and that includes the President.

I also indicated 1/30/10 that I would ride this out with the President and see what the end will be.  He's been resilient in overcoming previous barriers and has gotten some major legislation through. After reading the Jack & Jill posts on his accomplishments and assessing how he stands out in other areas, e.g, family, education, global outreach & ecological issues; I'll continue on this ride.  The challenge will be to become more active in affecting policy and effecting change. This ship can be redirected if we offer viable solutions with our constructive criticisms. 

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KAM said...

This post really captures the ambivalence being experienced by so many, exploring the idea of when does compromise become capitulation? How does one give enough--stopping right before giving in, giving away, giving up? The public, political and personal ramifications of this idea are staggering. Thanks for tackling it here on your blog, and providing source articles. Marvin would definitely be hollering, throwing up both his hands if he was still with us. *smh*

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