19 April 2015

The Truth Surrounding Assata Shakur & Her Fight for Vindication

'Statement of Facts in the New Jersey Trial of Assata Shakur' 

     By her  appeal attorney {2005} & written by Evelyn A. Williams 

*There is also an account of the incident in "Assata's own words"

Assata Shakur: Taken 12/18/14
Read an article the other day in which the fate of Assata Shakur was again in a fragile state subsequent to President Obama's indication that he intends to remove Cuba from the list of nations that sponsor terrorists. I really thought this had been settled when Cuban authorities initially indicated that they would not be releasing those who've sought political asylum in their country when the Obama administration began establishing ties with the Cuban government.

As most of you know who've followed my blog for some time; I've maintained that Ms. Shakur was framed and that she was not responsible for the death of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973. At the time of the incident, she and the others in their car were involved in the  human rights struggle and NJ police were notorious for harassing black travelers on the turnpike. Assata Shakur was critically injured and Zayd Malik Shakur, a passenger was killed.  For many years after she escaped imprisonment; there were many who were unsure of her fate and when it was common knowledge that she was granted asylum in Cuba and living reasonably well; there was a sigh of relief.  Subsequent tapes of her made in Cuba became available and viewed worldwide  She was very clear about what happened the day of the shootout and her journey since then.

There have been many articles written about her, however, Mychal Denzel Smith, wise beyond his years and very talented wrote an article in The Nation, titled Assata Shakur Is Not a Terrorist which is one of the better assessments of the events surrounding this woman's flight to Cuba under the most horrendous  circumstances. His rally cry in that article was 'Hands off Assata, now and forever.'

Needless to say, {but I will} that I'm against all forms of terrorism,domestic or global for I view it as the pinnacle of bullyism and shameful collateral deaths.  Ms. Shakur is NOT a terrorist and I hope that can be proven without her return to captivity by the New Jersey Criminal Justice System.  It is also my hope  that the Cuban officials will maintain their stance on not releasing her.  My rally cry for Cuba is..remain steadfast in honoring your agreement with Ms. Shakur.
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