11 April 2015

BlackCommentator.com Apr 09, 2015 - Issue 601 - Extra: What Walter Scott's Death Reminds Us - Includes Video By David A. Love, JD, BC Executive Editor - BlackCommentator.com


The murder of Walter Scott by rogue cop, Michael Slager was addressed on my side bar under the "Black Lives Matter" site page. As I thought more about the aftermath of events and viewed a number of articles in the blogosphere about this senseless tragedy; I decided to share this article written by David Love, JD, Executive Editor of The Black Commentator.  It is worth the read and this is one of the few websites that I support  where the truth is pure regardless of the facts and video footage for you see we've viewed video images of police misconduct before and the latter were exonerated. The 'Let's Be Clear'  blog article on these events also brings a perspective that
is illuminating, straight ....no chaser and also worth the read.

'Our Family' Page of Funeral Program

On a personal note, Mr. Scott had a family who loved him dearly, many friends and acquaintances who viewed him as a 'laid back...fun loving man". The digging has begun and we've learned that he was arrested in 1987 on an assault charge with several charges of note over the years--one includes failure to pay child support and although he received a honorable discharge from the Coast Guard, he was forced to leave due to a drug offense. We were told by some family members that he avoided the police  given his fear of imprisonment for failure to pay back child support which may have led to the initial flight from the scene. There are gaps, however, it is reported that Michael Slager shot Mr. Scott 6 times {5 in the back & 1 in the ear} and he was not in fear of imminent danger and that he and a fellow cop falsified the incident reports. Oh yes, we have that footage of 'the kill' but again we've viewed these "snuff" videos  before which led to the initiation of the  "Black Lives Matter Movement".  Mr. Scott's life was multidimensional and it doesn't really matter to me what else they reveal to somehow diminish the importance of his life for he was murdered by a cop who decided he was going to be the  judge and executioner on the worth of his being.  We'll see if a jury or the legal system will make sure justice is served. Until then, a host of folks will be watching, recording and working for change.  Bountiful blessings to the family/friends and may Mr. Scott rest in peace.

BlackCommentator.com Apr 09, 2015 - Issue 601 - Extra: What Walter Scott's Death Reminds Us - Includes Video By David A. Love, JD, BC Executive Editor - BlackCommentator.com


Deb C. said...

Hey, Sis. Carolyn -- how you be?! Hope you're doing well. Thanks for the nod my friend! I enjoyed The Black Commentator piece and Love's interview (I subscribed so I can stay up-to-date). And he's dead-on, "This is by no means over" -- because even with the video, arrest doesn't necessarily mean conviction.

And you're so right, "the digging has begun," mainly because they have to dirty him up now, because their guy's caught -- pretty much dead to rights! What they don't seem to realize is, their machinations are so typical and repetitive, everyone pretty much knows exactly what they're going to do next! Doesn't matter though, they'll do it anyway.

They may go ahead and serve this guy up on a platter to try and protect their image, but hopefully, that won't be enough and Black folk will keep pressing and working to force them to change. I know I plan to. Heading back tomorrow and hope to get back in touch with the young folk I've started talking to since I moved back as soon as I do because their energy is infectious!

Peace, Sis

Carolyn Moon said...

Sis Deb, I wish you a safe trip and I regret that you're not going to Gambia. It must be a wonderful place for you've visited before, if I'm not mistaken with your sons.
The young folks need your leadership and they are our future.

Play some soothing Jazz, Blues(I love Bobby Blue Band's music) or inspirational lilts to keep you calm and centered while on your journey! :-)
I'm not a organized religion follower but I do love some of the gospels and spirituals that I grew up listening to. Right now, I'm listening to Richard Smallwood's "I Love the Lord" and "Total Praise". I'm trying to get a good night's sleep for the image of Mr. Scott running and the cop shooting him and then standing over him like he shot game remains constant at this point.

Checking the web to see what's going on with the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement and what they are doing on a national as well as local level. I will assist in any way I can...that's for sure.

Peace to you as well....

Deb C. said...

Thank you dear. I regret it as well, trust me! I've been about 4 times since 2010, the last trip, the whole family went -- now that was wonderful!! Lazy, distracted me has still not posted any of the pics or vids from that one!

"The young folks need your leadership and they are our future."

Yes they are and I hope they will know I'm only there to help, not try to run anything. They've asked for voices from the grassroots to help guide the movement in Charleston, so I'm gonna do all I can to help. Here's a link to the local movement:


I've got almost 6hrs of various artists, old & new, as well as some contemporary gospel in my ITunes folder. It's a 7hr drive so I'll be good.

Sleep well, Sis. I'm headed there myself so I can leave no later than noon.


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