02 May 2015

The National Emergence Of Baltimorean Dayvon Love

There have been many in the established civil rights and civic organizations who've declared the 'Black Lives Matter' and other youth driven organizations lack leadership.  I disagree for we have folks like Cherrell Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mychal Denzel Smith...among others who challenge that mindset. There is also  Dayvon Love, whom I'm featuring today for this young brother, succinctly stated on the MHP program {5/2/2015} a very important message about the sophistication of white supremacy.

Interviewed on MHP Video
 He said, “I think people reduce racism to individual white folks in leadership, black people who are succumbed to white folks, and I think Baltimore just shows the sophistication of white supremacy, and how it operates, how it takes black figures, puts them in institutional positions, to give the veneer of justice, when really the same institutional arrangement exists.”

The older generations have said this in many different ways, however, lacked the ability in many cases to select those who weren't just figure heads. The millennials are devising more strategic means of effecting change by calculated voting, less reliance on national leadership and empowering  our urban communities.  Mr. Love also made a distinction between the Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. The former selected by the establishment and the latter by the people.  A protest march is one strategy, however, we need a multi-pronged approach and these young people are stepping up to the plate. Those of us who are progressive and forward leaning have our eyes on this situation in Baltimore and frankly across the nation with a resolve to help as our means dictate.

Articles that provide more background on this young man:

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