08 December 2014

Justice Seekers are Protesting the 'Unjust Exoneration' of Rogue Cops!

These articles are self-explanatory and don't require further elaboration by this website author!

Re-posts from Common Dreams Website By Lauren McCauley & Fania Davis {Yes Magazine} & Police Killing of Tamir Rice, Age 12 by Rev. Dan Vojir {OpEdNews}


Fania Davis: Yes Magazine

Lauren McCauley

Lauren McCauley

Tamir Rice: 2002 ~ 2014

The Tamir Rice Tragedy

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mary burrell said...

Sister Carolyn Moon, I think i read you are a mental health professional. Could you please explain to me rioting and looting? I understand people are angry and rightfully so. Such injustice. But if one is angry at the perpetrators of the injustice,they can't go burn their community. Because it would be a blood bath, they burn up where they have to live. I don't understand this. Could you please explain why black people burn their own community?

Carolyn Moon said...

@Sis Mary Burrell: You asked a question that's been analyzed and debated in many venues. When people not only black folks feel oppressed with few options to bring some resolve; it takes an extremely unjust trigger to set off a "riot" or to burn what some would call their community. It's so complex for we know when fans lose a game, they set fire to cars and destroy businesses. Group rage/herd mentality? Over a Game!!

But for over 100 days, young folks and community leaders have been engaging in non-violent protests and I contend that those who were out there after the late evening announcement(no probable cause)were not participants in setting the fires.

This is a partial comment I left on the 'Let's Be Clear' post re: the Ferguson debacle which I would suggest that you read.

The comment as follows:
{I still maintain that there were agent provocateurs at work when the DA gave that long rambling defense of Darren Wilson.
The time he scheduled it from the first lone police car that was on
fire as others watched. The failure to protect a certain stretch of W. Florissant Ave.
where the businesses burned. My husband and I were both suspicious of another lone police car parked without any police inside or around it when it was torched by some in the crowd after an attempt to flip it. We saw a group running away through a parking lot or alley (aerial view) before police cars showed up and the fire inside the patrol car was extinguished. It all seemed so staged and tainted.}

Whomever staged this was successful for the public is far more focused on the burnings than on the injustice not only with Michael Brown's death but the outlaw elements within the police dept. There is documented evidence of their contempt/over policing towards black folks in that community.

We must also recognize that there are criminal elements at work when there is looting in black communities or when (white)folks are burning and looting over losing or believe it or not--winning a game!

mary burrell said...

Sister Carolyn Moon,Thank you so much for helping me understand how to make sense out of all this chaos. Blessings to you.

mary burrell said...

I am horrified at all the brutality that is being inflicted upon black bodies. The law enforcement in our country needs to be reexamined. I feel many law enforcement officers probably are themselves suffering from ptsd, and they are angry and maybe some have disdain for poor blacks and people of color. There are too many people dying. I can't believe that after the whole world witnessed and heard the murder of Eric Garner, Pantaleo was let go.Such a travesty of justice. I couldn't breathe listening to him repeatedly say "I can't breathe" This could be any of us that inhabit black bodies.

Carolyn Moon said...

@Sis Mary. It was also, for me, hard to watch and after a few views...I had to change the channel for there were many news outlets airing it on a loop. But I am emboldened by the number of folks in the various cities of all races/ethnicities/classes who are protesting and some of the signs carried are so heartfelt. There was one young woman whom looked like a teacher with a tape over her mouth that read "I can't breathe". Another woman with a sign and I can't remember the exact words but the essence was if you are white and silent on this matter...you are also part of the problem. "Black Lives Do Matter"!

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