16 December 2014

The Origin of Christmas Doesn't Contradict Generations of Love and Goodwill

A Family 'breaking bread' in Celebration of Christmas
I wrote the following piece 12/2011 in response to a debate over the meaning of Christmas and how commercialized it had become with a few colleagues. The debate continues to this day about how those who are believers view the customs and the rites that have become a mainstay leading up to the designated date of Jesus' birth.  Again, I can't emphasize enough that the spirit of how he lived his life and treated others while on this earthly plane should serve as the blueprint for humanity.  For if we treat each other with grace, love,compassion and assistance; that would be a true celebration of his missionJesus didn't marginalized those seen as the outcasts of his day and I wonder how he would respond to the harsh line some "Christians" maintain towards those whom by happenstance and choices have been forsaken and lead poverty stricken and desperate lives. 

{12/20/2011 Post}
I was reading an article by Veritas Curat in the Daily Kos on The Real Meaning of Christmas.  It was lengthy and provided a wealth of information.  Some of it I didn't know (did some research) and some of it I had read from other sources and frankly forgot about over the years.

Numerous sources as well as the writer of this article addressed how some aspects of paganism became a part of the celebration with in-depth clarity.  No one knows for sure when Jesus was born but as a political move and a means of converting others to Christianity , the Romans decided to celebrate the "True Nativity" on December 25th. The latter date was actually close to the timeline when the "heathens" would glorify the birthday of the Sun (Winter Solstice). The decorated tree, holly, festivals of lights, gift giving as well as other pagan rites became a part of what we celebrate now as Christmas. The middle and upper classes were responsible for the commercialization  of the "holy-day" and it's been an ongoing struggle between the religious community and the capitalists  over the "true meaning" of the holiday.

There was a time when I questioned trimming a tree, decorating the house and buying gifts, however, I've come to realize that they aren't distractions for many of us.  The true meaning of Christmas reigns and it's manifested in outreach activities that entail providing food, lodging, clothing and a myriad of services for the"least of these" and those who have encountered unforeseen hardships. As one who leans more towards spirituality and ecumenical beliefs; I see no contradiction in celebrating centuries of love and goodwill to others with or without the 'trappings'.

With all that said; I believe that this "holy-day" represents the best of humanity and  families who draw strength and purpose from celebrating love, tolerance,goodwill and caring for others. For Christian believers, it's foremost the celebration of the birth of a baby who became to many a savior destined to redeem humankind with grace and salvation.  His name is Jesus Christ.


Nelson Souzza said...

Merry Christmas and may God’s grace be with you. Make merry not just on this wonderful day but all throughout the year!! God Bless, my dear friend Carolyn!
Literatura & Linguagens

mary burrell said...

Peace on Earth Goodwill to all men in these troubled times we are experiencing in this country. God bless us everyone.

Carolyn Moon said...

And peace unto you for these are trying times....indeed!

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