23 November 2014

The Deceptive Behaviors of Bill Cosby & Ultimately His Downfall

I've been reading a number of articles about what many are calling the 'deconstruction' of Bill Cosby and the comments made by the readers of these articles which I found confounding as well as interesting. There are several of these articles that I'd like to share on this post with an update regarding Beverly Johnson's allegations that support the pattern of drugging that his accusers maintain..  One of them featured in Salon is Dr. Cooper's assessment which was especially poignant regarding the tragedy of this situation and the years of dishonesty, reprehensible behaviors and betrayal of women including his wife.  It's even more heartbreaking for it seems more telling now that his brutal (some call it tough love affronts) and verbal assaults against young men, women of color and blacks in general a smokescreen.  The latter a result of his private demons and displacement of  feelings about his aberrant behaviors over the years.  Dr. Cooper's take is as follows:

We must abandon Bill Cosby: A broken trust with women, black America.

  Brittney Cooper Brittney Cooper is a contributing writer at Salon, and teaches Women's and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers. Follow her on Twitter at @professorcrunk

A few more observations on this sad state of affairs:

The image(s) of a brash, confident Bill Cosby climbing the entertainment ladder and making a public name for himself that evoked pride and purpose and a private one as a womanizer and sexual molester.

Oh no...not 'Dr. Huxtable' who had a successful run of The Cosby Show and became America's Dad.
He not only became trapped in that image and meme; he had accumulated enough hubris to start pointing 
a finger at all the wrongs of black folks.  He took no prisoners and said things about us that even those law abiding and hard working folks in these so-called "at risk" communities began to wonder about his disconnectedness and failure to realize that we are not one-dimensional.  Blanket accusations of black culture/folks made him the darling of many whites for he never addressed the systems that were in place that maintained white supremacy and absolved those who perpetuated it and continue to do 
so in these United States.  The onus was strictly on us for he made it and 
those blacks whom he believed were contributors to society and not 
slackers and dependent on government services also made it!! 

Bill Cosby, a 77 year old man with years of sexual molestation allegations hovering over him is  now being forced to face the consequences of what he's sowed over the years. All those who came forth during those previous years telling their stories to mainly deaf ears and those newcomers aren't going away. There are probably some who lack credibility, however, 16+ women aren't all delusional/untrustworthy for there is a pattern.  No one can help him now, 'Cliff', his philanthropy (the most endearing aspect) and 50 year marriage to Mrs. Camille Cosby. 
The picture above was taken during a recent videotaped interview with an AP interviewer.  The formal topic was  his private African Art Collection Exhibition at the Smithsonian. He refused to answer questions regarding the allegations and after the interview asked the interviewer to 'scuttle' what he did say in response to them. His request was denied. It was telling and sad to view especially the strange affect (was that a smile or anguish?) on his wife's face while making this request. He further stated that 'we' aren't going to talk about that'.

It was also indicated that the statute of limitations are your protection from legal prosecution, however , your legacy  which includes generous gifts to causes and your successes in the entertainment field will be overshadowed by your previous sexually 'alleged' crimes and your skewed conservatism directed mainly at black folks.
The other articles by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Nikki Giovanni about Bill Cosby in response to  the rape/molestation  allegations and his conservative rants about black folks in general rings true today and are as follows:

'The Audacity of Bill Cosby's Black Conservatism' ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates{2008}
Nikki Giovanni Comments on Bill Cosby {2007} 


BTW:  As I've stated in other venues; I was pretty much done with Bill Cosby when he made the rounds with his notorious "pound cake" speech & his hubris showing his behind big time when he blasted the then young black football player (Dean Brown)  http://deadspin.com/the-nd-player-bill-cosby-berated-felt-like-a-failure-fo-1661591222  at Notre Dame. Mr. Brown was quite proud of his accomplishments thus far in his career and Cosby just trashed him. It was aired. He cried! I knew then, for sure, that his behavior was not only duplicitous but arrogant and lacked grace . You can't berate young black men to do better and when they do; lambast them for their efforts. The link above is an article about that incident.  Mr. Brown is deceased, however, he had indicated that the encounter over the  years left him with a 'heavy uneasiness'. 

Updated Links:

 The End of Bill Cosby
Beverly Johnson Describes Being Drugged by Bill Cosby
'We Love You, Bill Cosby' ~ Earl Ofari Hutchinson
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Deb said...

Sis. Carolyn...While I've long since dropped the organized religion thing, here's an interesting perspective from a white guy who has not, but works avidly at issues to which Cosby so easily turns up his nose. Thought you might be interested in his perspective: http://friendsofjustice.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/bill-cosby-is-america/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FriendsOfJustice+%28Friends+of+Justice%29

I first learned about him when the Jena 6 blew up. Unlike prosperity pimp, Sharpton (and his sidekick Michael Baisden ) who didn't even know all the facts leading up to the case and march, this guy was on the ground way before they were helping the families: http://lets-be-clear.blogspot.com/2007/09/bbc-documentary-on-jena-6-families.html


mary burrell said...

I lost respect for Cosby when he threw poor blacks under the bus. While it true there is much to be corrected in our community i feel Cosby was being hateful and looking his nose down at poor blacks. Didn't he come from a poor background? I think there is something pathological about him. He hates poor black people and women. This is pretty sick. I think he is a talented man but there are many talented monsters. Brittney Cooper is spot on, i saw her on Melissa Harris-Perry. She is quite brilliant.

Carolyn Moon said...

I so agree with you Sis Mary. As I write this another woman has come forward with absolutely nothing to gain and for those who still continue to deny; it reinforces why some monsters are allowed to continue terrorizing us.

I'm also quite impressed with Brittney Cooper.

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