10 October 2013


Miriam Carey: An Unnecessary Death
Deb of 'Lets Be Clear' website wrote a  post titled The white supremacy collective still imposing their hierarchy of human life after all these years.
It's an article that I'd like to share with my readers and her concerns mirrored mine about the events that led to this young woman losing her life.  I saw partial footage a number of times and I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't shoot her tires out (later advised this maneuver may not have kept her from speeding off) but as my husband indicated they could have boxed her in with their cars.  The most troubling aspect of all of this is when she did stop the car and got out; they unloaded on her.  One source indicated that it was difficult identifying her due to the injuries incurred when she was riddled with bullets.  No footage available on that.  How about warning her and allowing this young woman who was clearly mentally disturbed the option of lying on the ground or raising her hands in the air.  The media did a good job at relegating her to that of a terrorist like individual and one not worthy of being arrested, charged and given a fair trial for her actions.  There was a vindictive quality to all this given the two law enforcement men who were injured as a result of the encounter.  Many of the so-called black leadership have been quiet on this or have sanctioned the actions of the security forces at the White House.

Miriam Carey's Family: Credit~AP/John Minchillo

Those of us who've been questioning their actions or the need for such brute force are held in contempt as race baiters or those in denial about the seriousness of her actions.  The family is concerned about the way this was handled and a lack of regard for not only her life but that of her daughter who was in the car at the time.  They provided information on who she was and to afford her the humanity that was taken away by the press and law enforcement.  She was mentally ill, however, before she was overcome by the illness had a profession and contributed to society.  With that said, if she didn't have those qualities; her life mattered and now the family has to bury her and hopefully her daughter will be reared by loving family members.

I've provided other links with more detailed information and commentary on this sad state of affairs.  The authors offer perspectives on this matter that are thought provoking and may contribute to an ongoing  dialogue regarding the disparity among law enforcement on how they execute brute force based on race and gender.   

 Miriam Carey: The Car Chase and the Police in Washington, D.C.
The white supremacy collective still imposing their hierarchy of human life after all these years.
The smearing of Miriam Carey: How the media bungled the Capitol Hill shooting
What If Miriam Carey Had Been White?
When We Ignore Black Women And Mental Health
Why Does America Accept Violence Against Black Women?


Deb said...

Sis...Thanx bunches! We need to put out as much as we can about this murder -- it could easily have happened to any one of us! If you hear anything at all that we can do, PLEASE let me know.


Carolyn Moon said...

Deb...Shall do!!

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