13 November 2013

Freedom Rider: Renisha McBride and Kym Worthy

An Update:  "Renisha McBride Shooter Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charges"  {10/15/13}
The sharing of this post by Margaret Kimberley, BAR editor and senior columnist regarding the Renisha McBride murder is a critical piece in exposing this frightening pattern of the out of control killing of innocent young people under the guise of "stand your ground laws".  She also, confronts the roles of these district attorneys in their attempts to dismiss these incidents without formal charges and being forced by public protests to do their job in protecting the rights of innocent people.  The latter may be a halfhearted effort on their part like we witnessed with the Trayvon Martin judicial fiasco, however, the struggle must continue for if we become silent about these atrocities; there will be more incidents of this ineptitude and denial of justice.

Renisha's Funeral: This is an Outrage!

Protest, we must and any actions needed to make sure this doesn't happen again. A step towards that  realistic goal would probably entail that whenever folks hide behind 'stand your ground', they are arrested, investigated with transparency and charged if warranted. The onus would be squarely placed on them to prove their innocence. ( I just heard Bryan Stevenson moan behind that statement)  I've signed petitions to review them in the various states and to push the Justice Dept. to be more assertive or aggressive in uniformly  revamping and monitoring these laws. The biases or neuroses of individuals should not be played out in society by indiscriminately killing folks when there  are other means to ensure safety for all involved.

This incident has been addressed on my sidebar and  links provided to other articles on this matter.  At this point--in light of other incidents of this nature; I feel an urgency and heart wrenching desire to prevent this from happening to others  and their families. Town Crier and doing whatever we can on any level is an imperative and one we must take seriously.


Theodore Wafer Charged With Murder Of Renisha McBride
Freedom Rider: Renisha McBride and Kym Worthy                                                                                                                                                   
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