02 October 2013

Shutdown Fulfills GOP’s Confederate Fantasies

Shutdown Fulfills GOP’s Confederate Fantasies (Alternet)

I thought I'd share this article with you from Salon.  The staff initially viewed it on Alternet and printed it on their website.  There are many I'm sure who view this analogy as hyperbolic, however, history has a way of repeating itself within a contextual timeline.  It's been my contention for some time that the wounds and deeply held resentments passed down from generation to generation by many who were confederate sympathizers, white supremacists and yes those blacks who supported the system as well are represented in the modern Republican Party.  The latter entailed actually owning slaves other than their family (a necessary evil to keep loved ones within the family) and forming black confederate regiments.  The well known one--originating in North Carolina.  Human complexities played out in the modern arena.

With that said; I also recognize that there are factions within the party that are moderate and pro union, however, I'm addressing the seditionists within it.  They are the ones who want to shut the government down and are rejoicing with the madness they've created.  Current dynamics are daunting and as we debate interventions in the affairs of foreign countries undergoing civil wars;we must mind our business and try to prevent the one I see brewing in this country. 

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