01 October 2013



Sister's Network Staff

This organization has really captured my attention and I'm so impressed with the depth of commitment, outreach and educating women especially of color given the statistics for our survival trail behind that of Caucasian women.  There are many reasons for this disparity and I will provide links to the posts that I've written detailing these factors by those who treat and support patients and survivors.  There are also articles with first-hand affirmations related to the psychological trauma, spousal,  partner and familial dynamics related to this disease.

There are three women featured in this post who are symbolic of the many courageous women who've utilized their breast cancer experience as a springboard to start organizations and provide services to educate and link women stricken with this deadly disease to community resources and support groups. Dawn Jones just posted on her Facebook page that she was undergoing diagnostic tests and will know the results today.  She began her struggle in 2000 and cites that there is some progression of the disease.  Karen E. Jackson is a 18 year survivor and founder of Sister's Network and continues to promote the organization and numerous chapters across the nation.  Dawn Spenser, founder of AugMe, International,  transitioned in February, 2010.  Her daughter, Dr. Brooke Spenser-Trotter serves on the board and continues to promote the organization.


Dawn's Testimonial

Photo Credit:  Amanda Stevenson

Update:  In Memoriam
December 26, 2016

Karen Eubanks Jackson (Sister's Network Founder)

Dawn Spenser (AugMe Foundation)

In Memoriam

 Sister's Network
Global Fight For Our Lives
Dawn Spenser's Testimony AugMe Foundation
Mastectomy Fails to Chase Man From Stricken Wife
'Psychological Stress in Cancer Survivors'
'Psychological Trauma of Breast Cancer Survivors' 
'Testimonies of Male Support for Breast Cancer'  
Two of the Deadliest Killers Recognized In October

An afterthought:  I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm a survivor of breast cancer, initially diagnosed in 1990 and in 1995 with a secondary primary tumor.  This disease was described (by an oncologist) as a formidable opponent and can be insidious with the various grades and types of tumors all under the umbrella of Breast Cancer.  One can't stop living their life to the fullest, however, the shadow of the disease remains a constant and the fear of recurrence stalks many survivors.  My thoughts are with Dawn Jones and the many others who are struggling with this disease.  There are many who've lost the battle and those who've been newly diagnosed.  Education, outreach, early intervention & research are keys to not only finding a cure for these tumors but all forms of cancer.  

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