21 February 2011

African American Pundit: Recy Taylor, A Fight for Justice

The lady featured is Ms. Recy Taylor who underwent an unspeakable act of terrorism September 3, 1944 in Abbeville, Alabama.  Her assailants were not brought to justice nor were there any efforts to do so.  Many of these civil rights-era cold cases are long overdue for redress or a re-investigation by the Justice Department.  Although, there have been a few spotlighted in the national arena and brought to justice; these cases were only the tip of the iceberg.  There must be an ongoing and concerted effort to address these miscarriages of justice until there is a resolution.  I've re-posted this article from the African American Pundit with their approval.
Ms. Taylor , a statuesque 90 year old woman forged on despite the horror of it all and made a life for herself and  her family.  It would be truly a gift to her and her descendants if she could witness justice served before her final transition.  Join us in spreading the word.
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