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11 February 2011


With some trepidation and not wanting to rain on this most recent parade; I'm going to take a chance and offend some or many.

This image reminds me of election night 2008 as I witnessed people shouting in the streets, honking their horns, cars backed up for miles. There was much jubilation and hope for a new order after 8 years of the Bush Regime. There is a part of me who wants to warn the euphoric crowds to enjoy the moment for the future may not unfold as planned.  I can't help but wonder if those of us who celebrated on that fateful night in 2008 had a glimpse into the future--would there be an immediate change in that scenario.  What comes to mind is when there is a raid and people are scattering and the crowds dissipate with some totally disillusioned about the event and others...thankful for that moment of pure joy.   Again, the people of Egypt should enjoy the moment, however, dig in their heels for a protracted struggle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this's certainly been something to watch unfold. Change is slow, yes. I guess what the people who have been out in the streets can always remember is that they stood up. They took the chance of awful consequences because they had reached their limits of tolerance. What bit of safety they thought they had in silence and inaction didn't end their suffering, so if suffering is going to happen either way, I feel like they chose to suffer moving toward the light rather than suffer in still darkness. If that moment of pure joy is all that some of them will have in the course of things, it's worth it. Evil may still eat well, but not at this table anymore, however long it takes. I feel like the young people of the 60s, despite the backlashes and disillusionment that followed and still rears unexpectedly at times, can live with the beautiful knowledge that they made a monumental wave in the course of this country's history, and claim what has and is working, what has bloomed.


Touché wise one! :-)

jp said...

What's missing is history, the father & mother of all other subjects. We Americans are dimwits; just today I heard an NPR reporter claim that Egypt was waiting in this dawning of democracy or some such nonsense. That is presumptuous in the least and just stupid at worst. Need I mention Iran?

Aside from that, who ever claims democracy is a one size fits all (best) is again presumptuous in the least. Besides, it's all relative. Ask the everyday Canadian if they'd give up their socialized medicine and educational systems for the American ones and watch the eyes roll like pin balls. Hey, don't blame me for the conflation; it's always these crazy conservos who sell the ability to choose between 50 different types of cereal as "democracy." If they can do it, so can I.

Carolyn Moon said...

Appreciate your point of view that's why my blog is titled "Another Way To View". Systems and human beings are too complex for narrow or rigid frameworks.
As human beings, however, we always require references or frameworks in which to view. The rub is when we don't recognize how important flexibility is in viewing them.

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