02 January 2017

The Arrival of 2017 & Severe Challenges to a Happy New Year!

I was somewhat hesitant to post another New Year's message given my overall disappointment over the 2016 election results and the upcoming ascendance of Donald Trump to the White House on January 20, 2017. I use the word ascendance for he has conducted himself in a dictatorial manner as president-elect. He is interfering with  President Obama's administrative affairs, hobnobbing and actually supporting Russian leader Putin, distorting facts, and selecting a predominately male cabinet with dubious reputations and questionable ethics. The list goes on. 

As I reviewed the conclusions of my previous  2016, 2014, 2013 & 2012 messages; there was a common thread of hope and recognition that all is not lost despite chronic mayhem, injustice and all forms of global chaos. There was an acknowledgment of those issues and events in our lives that exemplify the best of our humanity, for we've certainly observed the worst.  However, I do not agree with all the media/pundits' passive reconciliation of the fate of America under a Trump presidency... I'm just not there.  The future is tenuous and hoping for the best without a more assertive and relentless check and balance approach to the incoming administration may be our undoing. I have considerable respect for the intelligence and due diligence of Joy Reid and some of the more courageous journalists when it comes to monitoring and speaking out on those issues that threaten security and freedom for all. Her assessment of  the results of a Trump Presidency is commendable. 

Joy Reid :  " What Trump Voters 'Won' "


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