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07 June 2016

Muhammad Ali: January 7, 1942 ~ June 3, 2016

Leonard Pitts article on Muhammad Ali's transition with the assertion that he may have been one of the first 'truly free black men in America' was not only a honest tribute but a glorious one. 


The Image Many Choose to Remember

"I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get use to me.  Black, confident, cocky, my name not yours. My religion, not yours, my goals, my own; get used to me." ~ Muhammad Ali ~

Ali's Offspring
Ali's 4th Wife & Caretaker


Deb C. said...

Sister Carolyn, what a beautiful post!!! The photos especially are wonderful!

Probably because, in my young, Black girl eyes, he was such an UNAFRAID, UNBEATABLE Black man, so much larger than the oppressed life I was living in the Deep South -- I'd never even thought about the family that'd brought him to us. But as I look at that photo of his family of origin -- it isUNCANNY how he was the spitting image of his father!! I also loved the article from The Root to which you linked. I posted it on my post, I hope you don't mind. Thank you so much for this, my Sister...

Carolyn Moon said...

Sis Deb, I'm pleased that you liked the post/link and shared it on your site. 2016! What a hit. They are leaving us especially the great ones in all fields. I remember when Prince died and someone posted a picture of Stevie Wonder and asked if someone would "bubble wrap" this man. He's one of the few we have left in the entertainment and social activism arenas. We know that we can't get out of this alive but oh it hurts so much when we part. I must say his suffering is over and he was a courageous and wonderful soul trapped in a body {for many years}that at one time served him and those who admired him well. Take care and as always I check to see what gems you will impart from time to time. :-)

I agree. He did look like his Dad and his brother.

mary burrell said...

May he rest in peace and power

Moon said...

Thanks for this post--I'm so glad that his legacy is a triumphant one, and that children are learning about who he was to inform their own potential as free and powerful human beings who don't have to accept disrespect and who stand up for their convictions even if it costs them initially.

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