11 February 2015

'Loretta Lynch is Condoleeza Rice With A Law Degree': The BAR

Bruce Nixon, The Managing Editor, at Black Agenda Report wrote an interesting exposé on Loretta Lynch that deserves our attention and analysis. I must confess I was trying to ascertain if this particular nominee would be one we could trust given that she received kudos from conservatives and those invested in the status quo. In fact, I was struck by the hearings in which congressional leaders who've opposed Eric Holder since appointed by President Obama hammered her with discerning questions as to whether or not she'll continue with his policies.  I wanted to know what she believed the Attorney General's objectives and goals should be especially in the areas of police brutality, voting violations, corporate fraud, immigration, unfair practices of the criminal justice/penal systems, drug enforcement and white collar crime in general. This article has provided some insight regarding my concerns. 

Bruce Nixon, detailed how she's operated in the past on those issues that I've so noted and with the exception of  prosecuting the rogue cops responsible for the torture of Abner Louima; she's been very conservative and protective of those practices that lend to many of the injustices/deaths currently exposed.  The latter has given rise to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. The fact that she is a black woman and a first, symbolically will garner a lot of support in the black community, however, I must warn that we've been betrayed or ignored in the past and currently by those who may look like us but are very much a part of the conservative agenda. When one really ponders what these nominations mean; those who are more progressive and focus on making life fair and equitable for ALL realize that they don't get nominated or selected for these powerful positions unless they are willing to protect and uphold those institutions that camouflage inequities. It's interesting, that Mr. Nixon isn't impressed with Eric Holder's fight for fairness although moderates and conservatives view him as too pushy and militant when it comes to civil rights and liberties. Again, "many things are true at once."

I will continue to research this woman's record mainly because I don't want to garner false hopes that she will make a difference in resolving or making an earnest effort to solve those problems that the justice department must address. The Black Agenda Report as follows.

Loretta Lynch is Condoleeza Rice With A Law Degree
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