03 February 2015

BlackCommentator.com Jan 29, 2015 - Issue 591 Cover Story: Boehner and Netanyahu Wouldn't Treat a White President Like This - Color of Law By David A. Love, JD, BC Executive Editor

The above article written in the 'Black Commentator' really struck a chord and I immediately clicked the share button. It was gratifying to see that there are some of us who aren't fearful of being labeled as 'race pimps' when there is evidence to support the racist behaviors of those who've opposed any policy changes or recommendations proposed by this administration.  I've not been pleased with some of the nominations and policies the President has compromised on in an exceptional manner, however, I bristle at the disrespect and hostile racial animus directed towards the President and the inability of the opposition to honor the OFFICE of the Presidency.

There are many who've indicated that they've never seen a member of congress shout "you lie" to any President during the State of the Union as well as other overt and very public denunciations towards him.  His numbers were impressive as the American people voted on his vision and goals for two terms. The members of Congress, many political pundits, politicians across the nation and average citizens have been so blinded by their prejudice and incredulity that a man of color could occupy the highest office in the nation; that they've relied less on 'dog whistle' issues.  Mitch and other conservatives  made it clear from the onset of this administration that they were going to do all that they could to ruin it and make sure that he wouldn't be a two term President.  Well...that didn't happen as the President reminded them during the State of the Union 2015 when they rudely responded to his statement "I have no more campaigns to run".  His retort was clever and witty..."I know because I won both of them". The next day the Republicans  whined and fretted over his rather mild retort to their usual rudeness and disrespect of him and the office.

David Love, the author of this article poignantly listed in substantiated detail with names and events as to why he believes Boehner and Netanyahu would have agreed on a back door address to Congress by the latter with the goal of publicly humiliating the President.  That is also unprecedented and as some pundits have indicated that it may have 'backfired' .  I've posted an excerpt below and would encourage this good read.    

'The decision by House Speaker John Boehner to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress before the Israeli elections is both outrageous and offensive.'

 'Some have even suggested that for American lawmakers to effectively do an end run around President Obama and side with a foreign head of state - and allow that leader to speak before Congress for the sole purpose of embarrassing the president and undermining his policy regarding Iran’s nuclear program - amounts to treason.  However, Boehner’s move is by no means surprising.  Nevertheless, all of this should leave you wondering if they are treating the president in such a manner because he is black.  And you need not wonder for too long.'

Boehner and Netanyahu Wouldn't Treat a White President Like This ~ David A. Love, JD, BC

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