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05 June 2014

The Boko Haram & the Politics of Extreme Islamic Fundamentalism

This post is a link to Dr. Campbell's article on the Boko Haram featured in this month's  Black Commentator.  I felt this  necessary and informative timely article and assessment on the oppression and trafficking  of females in Nigeria, is a must-read. There is this puzzling response (my opinion) of some on the left who've concentrated on the politics of western intervention and its  implications.  There is very  little focus on the innocent young girls who've been made pawns in this struggle between the Islamists terrorists and the Nigerian oligarchy which is quite daunting.  What about the children's safety and the oppression of females in general?  Dr. Campbell has given a more balanced account of the intersectionality of politics, religious fanaticism and  female oppression in Nigeria. His  advocacy for the empowerment of oppressed young girls and women is a major focus as he details the complexities that led to their abduction as well as the pillaging and murder of innocent villagers.

Abubakar Shekau: Boko Haram Terrorists

Chibok Schoolgirls

These young girls are still in captivity and the Nigerian government alleges that they know where they are but refuse to use military intervention citing the safety of the captives.  They also are banning further demonstrations by the Chibok mothers for their children's release!


mary burrell said...

That piece about Boko Haram was informative and helped me understand what this crisis is all about. It's about corruption in the government, how women are treated in this part of the world. Religious fanaticism and extremist.

Carolyn Moon said...

I believe your assessment is correct. We must continue to search for the truth and I certainly include myself in that endeavor. Peace...

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