12 June 2014

ANOTHER SAD FAREWELL: RUBY DEE ~ 10/27/1922 - 06/11/2014


Ruby Dee, noted actress, poet, playwright and human rights activist has transitioned peacefully as related by a family member. Many of whom were with her when she left this world.  "We have had her for so long and we loved her so much," {Daughter, Nora Day told The Associated Press.} "We gave her our permission to set sail. She opened her eyes, closed her eyes and away she went."  

What a hit, so soon after Maya Angelou was given a moving and glorious "Homegoing Service".  I understand that these legends, sheroes and humanitarians can't live forever, however, when they move on;  we do ache and long for the physical expression of their principles.   The varied contributions and understanding of the plight of  black folks and many others who make up the global community continue to resonate.  I've always been intrigued by Ms. Dee and her multiple talents .  Her commitment to equality which dates back to the "red years" when black actors/activists along with others were charged as communists.   Many ran for the hills; Ruby and her love, Ossie stood strong in their beliefs on social justice.  They were courageous in the face of daunting and oppressive forces . There was support for Paul Robeson and other political activists who had socialist ideologies and fought against segregation and lynching.  They were also supportive of Betty Shabazz after Malcolm's assassination.  When others were fearful of attending the funeral, Ruby and Ossie were there.  He gave the most moving eulogy for the slain human rights activist.  

In their joint autobiography, 'In This Life Together', they gave a moving and honest account of their lives before and after their marriage. It was a history lesson, a moving portrayal of the complexities of blacks in theater, cinema,  academia, political movements as well as  those personal/intimate facets that make us truly human, phenomenal  extraordinary beings.  It is in my personal library which I read from time to time.  I adored this couple as individuals and soul mates.  The black and white photo of them below is one of my favorites.  They were reciting poems by African-American authors, during a CBS television special "Of Courtship and Marriage", 1964.  The love and respect they had for each others'  talents added to the beauty of this couple which was mesmerizing every time they graced the stage or performed before an audience.

When Ossie died, many spoke of how it was so difficult not to mention Ruby when speaking of his achievements and talents,  for they were a unit.  We mourn the loss of Ruby, however, there is this feeling that they are together again.  I want to believe he was there to assist her as she made her transition.  I'm a hopeless romantic!

It was reported that Ruby had made a request that her ashes join his and that the inscription on the urn should read:



Moon said...

Beautiful tribute to an amazing soul!

mary burrell said...

Just like Dr. Angelou, she was a bautiful and accomplished woman. I will try to use these women as a template and adopt some of their perspective to add to my own life. may these two queens rest in peace and power.

Carolyn Moon said...

@Mary Burrell: They were women who lived life to the fullest and left legacies of truth and wisdom. I appreciate your comment.

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