02 May 2014


There is a cry throughout the land reaching across the globe for the Nigerian government to take definitive steps to find these young women taken against their will a month ago by an Islamic terrorist group.  The latter justifies this action based on a dated view of the Koran's teachings in regard to the 'established' roles of girls and young women. What makes this all the more discerning is that this was a Christian school that they attacked which is a violation of freedom of religion.  Mothers are leading the fight to get their daughters back and I'm so glad that the news media in the US has also joined them. 

Image Ownership:  CNN News

Joy Reid of The Reid Report interviewed  Melissa Harris Perry on her program today to discuss this matter as well for this event was also a  violation of  human rights.  I believe the UN and other countries must apply pressure especially on the Nigerian government to disband or remove the influence of this group known as Boko Haram  {western education is a sin}.

Joy Reid Report
Social media has stepped up to the plate and #bringourgirlsback is dominating Twitter. As always the struggle on many fronts continues!!!

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