10 May 2014

God Bless And Keep Our Mothers!

Here we are again about to embark on May 11, 2014. It's that time to recognize our mothers and enjoy the commercialism of the day, e.g., dinner, gifts, flowers and extra TLC.   To honor and cherish our mothers on a daily basis should be the refrain and for many of us; our daily acts of love reflect that ideal.  To participate in a national recognition of our mothers is the icing on the cake. I've decided for 2014; to provide links to a few of my previous favorite posts on motherhood featuring that wonderful poem by Sherry Martin, "Your Mother is Always With You" and to touch on the various tributes by other bloggers.  Maya Angelou's tribute to her mother in her book; "Mom & Me & Mom"provides a honest and soul searching account of the complexities that are inherent in many of these relationships. There will always be that continuum from the 'super' to the deeply flawed mothers as well as that chance of reconciliation and gaining wisdom from the lessons learned.

'Circle of Love': Black Art Depot
Photo Credit:  Ken Charnock

          Abuja:  Nigeria's National Assembly

As we celebrate our mothers this Sunday; we must also be mindful of those who are suffering great anguish.The plight of the Chibok Mothers in Nigeria and their abducted daughters have now moved on to the world stage. Mothers of many countries/nations/townships as well as those who believe in fairness and the rights of human beings to excel and reach their highest potential are speaking out. They are urging Nigeria and the global power brokers to bring "our girls home"! 

Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls

 The power of music is transcendent and a quote by an unknown author "music is what feelings sound like" rings true.  It can make you laugh and bring sheer joy and it can also make you weep as  if there is no tomorrow.  The above song created by Quincy Jones for the "Roots" soundtrack  evokes the latter for me.  Yes, this was in response to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, however, it is apropos for the abduction of these young girls into bondage and a 'hell on earth' that those of good conscience cannot comprehend.  Many of us viewed an Islamist terrorist leader boast about these young ladies' fate. Heartbreaking. These precious souls not only require our prayers but a resolution  by 'any means necessary'.  Extreme urgency and  diligence begs the moment.  I must believe that they are alive and will survive any interventions on their behalf! With that said and the adage, "many things are true at once"........



lilacpr2000 said...

Have a wonderful day!
I'm praying for all the moms of the stolen girls.
What a world we live in, when some crazy fanatic feels he has the right to ruin the lives of so many precious women!!!

Carolyn Moon said...

Thank you and may your day be a good one. I so agree with you about that situation in Nigeria and also think about the mothers who've lost their children under the most horrendous circumstances. Peace....

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