28 January 2011


As a former human rights advocate of the 60's, I'm in awe of the recent tidal wave of unrest from sea to shining sea which by the way has ended up in the mid-west of all places. What is by far more intriguing is a common theme that emerges. The masses in the middle and at the bottom of the class strata are fed up with the few and the powerful (at the top) setting up policy and a social culture that have the capability and has in many cases caused great harm to them. Historical and current events bear out that the masses eventually become disillusioned and take to the streets. At this moment in our history, Egypt began the rally against the tyranny of autocratic systems which spread like wildfire in the middle-east.  In the mid-west the unions and grass root organizations are protesting against the corporate power system here in the U.S.. They see what little control they have in making a decent living and providing for their families usurped by greedy corporate interests.  The latter have successfully infiltrated powerful seats of government.  I have a hunch that Wisconsin and parts of the north, south, east and west will share the global media limelight for some time to come.

To recall and connect the lyrical expressions of timeless songs like  "What's Going On" by Marvin  Gaye and  "Stop Children What's That Sound" by Jefferson Airplane with current affairs are "cause for pause".  What is far more crucial is the understanding of these complex events as constructed by sociologists, social psychologists, historians and others who are observers, recorders, practitioners and interpreters for the human family.  I'd say-- they are staying quite busy these days! 

By the way, this is just a brief simplistic snapshot of these events with links to more in-depth information sites as follows: 

The Insidious Role of the Koch Brothers
A Movement Too Big To Fail


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