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15 October 2009


You know these guys. We all do. Let us reminisce for a moment here.  The bullies in the playground who stomp off  and refuse to play if they don't get their way. Then they get together and conspire to make life miserable for everyone else with time-worn "we'll show them" strategies. You know, the kind of behavior that we see with out-of-control-children, e.g., whining, rudeness, sulking, extreme affectations of rage, and let's not forget  intimidation! There are many blogs and editorials about this unlikely triumvirate and their lack of maturity and civility. I use triumvirate loosely given that it pertains to a" set of three usually in authority". I question the latter. They may view themselves as authorities, however, folks like  Eugene Robinson and Rachel Maddow have repeatedly researched  a number of "their facts" to only find numerous inaccuracies and hyperbole. What is so disturbing about these poster guys of bad behavior, are their growing popularity, not to mention, all that money they've been accumulating. This sad state of affairs, unfortunately, continues to escalate with the Presidency of  Barack Obama.

It is further noted that the severe and vitriolic reactions of these three and many others towards the Presidency is unprecedented.  Yes, from my perspective they are acting like brats but we can't do" time out" with them or take away privileges. Although, I suppose we could boycott the advertisers on their shows but the efficacy of this move is suspect. Glenn Beck lost a few sponsors in protest of his reactionary and polarizing views,yet, his antics have worsened since the ads were pulled. Just how do you manage the out-of-control behaviors of grown men? Especially when the "little child" within has gone buck wild and the adult body that houses it has the funds and some modicum of intellect to continue on with very few societal constraints. They wear the First  Amendment, a part of the Bill of Rights, like a shield with an emphasis on the rights of  free speech and press. It has been stressed and stretched to the nth degree by this crew and others to the extreme right without any regard for the consequences.  "Wing-nuts" is a  rather catchy phase, yet, a fitting description of these men and their followers.

There was an article on line, "The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse "by William Fisher which aptly describes how many of us view them and the two who were also featured--Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.  Is this actually the beginning of Armageddon?  There are some segments of our society who truly believe the wild allegations of these guys. Is it a case of finally,the smokescreen is diminishing, only to uncover the growing xenophobic and homophobic hordes? The triumvirate and others of their ilk have made it easier for these folks to rise in indignation and return to some of the open and disturbing displays of the past. Guns worn outside of town meetings and signs of our President defaced by the images of  Hitler and The Joker. The dehumanization of a people or a person is the first step in rallying the marginal groups and to my surprise some mainstream citizens to say and participate in hate-mongering tactics. Many of them are   suffering during these hard economic times and fearful of what they perceive is the undoing of the American way of life. It is equally disturbing that some "religious figures" are calling for the death of our President citing his opinions on certain issues.  How scary is that!!!  It is disingenuous that not one of them spoke out against this call to action by none other than a said "respected" baptist minister. All we hear is outrage by what progressives and so-called liberals are saying in support of this administration. I'm working on some solutions and readers if you have any ideas or further insightful tidbits to share, please do so!

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Kamilah said...

God help us...everything goes back to playgroubd dynamics, doesn't it? Thanks for the additional insight into what might be driving the madness behind these men and their followers...

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