27 October 2009

Barack Obama Is Doing My Job; Why America Needs Him to Do His

The saying "many things are true at once" is so apropos when it comes to this Presidency. I agree with most of what you've written-- given that I'm a supporter of Mr. Obama.  Of late, there is this nagging afterthought about his relentless effort to compromise with opposing points of view and groups. Is there ever a point when you compromise so much,  your original goals or values are barely noticeable? That's my concern.  It's equally disturbing that so many of his most ardent supporters have become his critics. Reality has set in and I'm afraid the President is recognizing what many before him experienced and that is-- this office may be more symbolic than an effective change agent.

Collateral:  The above is my response to a comment made by " Lolablev" in the featured post which read:

"I voted for President Obama because he has the ability to not only take action but to encourage and advocate and bring people of differing opinions together, regardless of how laborious this is. In my humble opinion, our president is doing exactly what he should be doing and he's doing it in an honorable way. He is moving forward at an amazing pace considering the nature of Washington, the press, the rhetorical mess that surrounds us. Thank you Mr. President, please continue as you are".

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Kamilah said...

His first priority is to the voters who gave him the office, period. The gloves have been off a long time, republican brass knuckles ruining the face of our country. It's time for not holding punches, for ending the rounds, for victory that more than a few can actually feel. Thanks for the post!

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