Pride Month – June 2019

"50 Years Later, What We Forgot About Stonewall"

Many of the defining moments of L.G.B.T.Q. history have been revised or forgotten.


 As with most oppressed groups, the day will come when this need to sound the annual trumpet will become passé and customary.

We must not forget what is happening to citizens in our country who are losing their lives subsequent to bigotry and a soulless disregard for life.  These perpetrators and those who turn a blind eye to what they are doing are taking free will from those they don't agree with and hiding behind distorted Christian "values". The Almighty gave us "free will" and they have no right to take it away!

25 transgender people have been murdered in 2017, and many of their cases are unsolved

The number of transgender people who die by homicide continues to climb this year - and the victims were mostly women of color.


Father Kills 14-Year-Old Son Allegedly Because ‘He Would Rather Have a Dead Son Than a Gay Son’: Report

This pitiful excuse for a man and Dad took the life of his child based on obsession and bigotry that took over his soul and a commitment to protect his son from harm.  He should remain in prison for the rest of his life for he wouldn't grant his son the same grace that his perception of God granted him. 


Janet Mock is one of the most respected leaders, talk show hosts, and advocates on transgender issues.   Her new memoir is coming in June of 2017 and one worth reading.  I've provided a link for more information.

Author ~ Advocate ~Speaker (Website)

Janet Mock Responds To Comedian’s Outrageous Trans Murder Comments


The Daily Beast article which focuses on who these people were that lost their lives to this heinous act, says it all.  Not statistics but human beings who were having fun and enjoying the lighter side of life.  Yes, I agree that there has been a history of horrendous loss of life in America due to hate and xenophobia.  As an African-American, I know of towns and lives that were destroyed where black people lived and prospered because of hate and envy.  But at this moment in time, we must remember and use this most recent heinous act to talk about love and understanding differences with celebration instead of annihilation. The latter has been promoted by right-wing clergy, many people of faith and homophobes.



The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

This page was designed to provide information, support, resources and services for this diverse community under the banner of LGBT.  These are revolutionary and reactionary times. The pundits, advocates, homophobic populace and religious community's denunciation as well as compassionate acceptance lend to the conundrum "don't ask....don't tell" for many of our citizens.  There is a trend to berate them with a militant stance towards those who've been unable to make that move!.  Many of us have family members who are gay and we must be advocates for them and others who stand tall as well as those who choose to remain seated for now. The articles and links on this page will be supportive, informative and inclusive of all.

GLAAD #ThisIsLuv Campaign: Love & Support in Black Communities

Image Credit: Tumbler #ThisIsLuv Project

A coalition  made up of GLAAD, National Black Justice Coalition, Politini Media, HRC and Ebony to feature and affirm LGBTQ love in black communities and families.

Excerpt: 'The campaign offers a counter-narrative to the prevalent idea that the African-American community is generally homophobic. Celebrities, writers, and advocates will share photos and video blogs about the supportive and caring relationships that have transcended sexual orientation or gender identity'.

From the Editors of Zora
November 20, 2019

Zella Ziona, 21 years old

It was reported on NewsOne site, that Zella was the 22nd Transgender Woman killed this year.  She resided in Gaithersburg, Md.

Photo Credit/Article:  Kulture Kritic

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