01 January 2014



With all the spirited feelings that the above title evokes, I am somewhat reticent about reviewing 2013 as we welcome 2014. The former was filled with ongoing scandals, the continuation of right wing folks and the republicans losing their minds over the Affordable Care Act, the tragic and murderous acts on young African-Americans and the list goes on.  Ceaseless virulent attacks and character assassinations of the President were a daily occurrence and persist with no end in sight.  With that said, there were many appointments and some policies of his administration that left me stunned, ambivalent and disappointed.  It became quite clear that though I voted for him in 2008 with confidence-- during the 2012 election it was definitely against the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  I choose, however, to focus  only on some of the President's contestable policies and viewpoints without the denigrating and derogatory personal attacks on him and his family.  We've observed ad nauseam, this unrelenting behavior by hard core and milquetoast racists, conservatives, media pundits, tea party folks and others.

I've also had a  tendency to be too 'preachy' as I recalled 2012 with suggestions and admonishments for 2013.  There is always another way to view with all the nuances of a multi-racial-ethnic-cultural nation and a diversified so-called 'black community' with warring factions, ideologies and an expanding 'underclass'.   Therefore, this message will be brief and optimistic as we welcome the new year.  I refuse to make resolutions; last year's efforts to meet my goals were diminished to a disappointing level.  The exception was my advocacy activities for those causes that are near and dear to my heart.  For many of us, dwelling on the past is overshadowed by regret and looking forward can keep you anxiety-ridden.  All we really have is the here and now. 

  In my  2012 New Year's message, I ended with a story about the wedding of a former NFL player, Chris Draft and his terminally ill wife, Lakeasha  who died a month  later.  Their story truly speaks to the power of love,  living in the present  and celebrating  the gift of life.  In retrospect, the spirit of the latter should be our approach to every new year!


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