01 January 2013

Thoughts as We Embark on 2013!

As I write this post; I'm struggling with feelings of hope, disappointment and gratitude.  One of my favorite poets, Elizabeth Alexander cites that "many things are true at once"...thus the hope is derived  from finding those things among all the daily tragedies and misfortunes that are empowering and reveals the best of humanity.  Disappointment with the congressional debacle as I write this on capitol hill with partisan politics mainly the GOP playing loose and fast with the lives of millions of Americans. America's role in promoting a sense of "doing the right thing" despite the number of innocent lives especially of children taken by Drone attacks. Hunger, global civil wars, the 'little' and grand murders that occur daily and this ever expanding lack of empathy and compassion for others veiled by hyper-religiosity and rugged individualism. 

Arsenio Hall used to have this comical segment on his very popular talk show (1989-1994) coined as "things that make you go hmm...".  I have a few of my own for I did say that this would be brief.

             A.  This emerging philosophy of some black and moderate progressives singing the praises of black republicans. The one that comes to mind is Tim Scott, "anointed" senator from South Carolina. It doesn't matter if he's the first black senator from that state since reconstruction. He was awarded this position because of his very conservative politics and he'll be sworn in to carry on the politics and narrow visions of that state. Have you read their platform. We've been sold down the river; pardon the pun for centuries by folks whom look like us. I'm not impressed.

             B. Group and individual identity proclivities of people of color who become a part of  public discourse.  This hair and color thing that continues to dog us and frankly belies intelligence.  Yep... I have a young, talented and beautiful young lady by the name of Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas in mind as I address this baffling issue.  She was stunning in her performances and I do believe that she would have done quite well in the final two competitions had she not been burdened with the onslaught of black women's ignorant rantings about her hair.  It was neat and pulled back but the fact that it wasn't straighten within an inch of her life created a psychological storm that I believe had an adverse impact on her two final performances.  Why am I mentioning it again?  There are many black folks who continue with this nonsense and we've more beautiful black children and young adults with worthy and stellar accomplishments utilizing the social networks.  They shouldn't have to deal with the insensitive harangues of those who have ISSUES! 

With all that has been stated; I'm indeed grateful to see a new year and that many of my loved ones are doing reasonably well. My daughters whom I love deeply and vastly have been home with their father and me. We've had a lively and memorable holiday season.  I will have to again get used to their absence for a period but I'm surely glad that we are welcoming 2013 together.
There is a resolve to increase my grass roots activities to work towards resolving those social and political issues that are working against the millions that by happenstance, greed, misguided christian values and predatory capitalism  have suffered and continue to do so.  

Happy New Year and as we celebrate our blessings...lets not forget that we are part of the human family and in whatever way we can...we've got to make 2013 a better year. 


Reggie said...

I actually live in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm used to seeing Tim Scott on the ballot, I've yet to vote for the man though. I doubt that I will ever vote for him. His politics just aren't my cup of tea.

One would have thought from the attitude of the Republicans obstructing the plans to avert this "fiscal cliff" that they had actually won the election that took place two months ago.

I've always found it comical that a party could defend the need to not significantly tax the rich and these corporations that get tax breaks and then ship jobs in their tens of thousands overseas.

We're screwing ourselves silly.

No matter what we do, we must pay off our national debt. We will forever be paralyzed as a nation if we don't.

I just don't understand why someone can't be the adult in the room. We can't continue to run our government spending money like a drunken sailor on leave in Hong Kong. No matter what we do, we must take care of our national debt. If we don't, we'll see these issues again.

Carolyn Moon said...

Reggie..I agree with you that reducing the national debt is important and the work must begin. My problem is that they always look at those who are the most vulnerable to take the brunt of whatever cuts are needed to do so. Social Security and medicare for example; folks have paid into this fund for most or all of their working lives. Many die before receiving benefits especially in our ethnic group.

Cut the waste in certain depts. within the military-industrial complex, which has nothing to do with our safety as a nation. There was a report some time ago, where vendors charge extravagant fees for products or services that they wouldn't get away with in the open market. Stop funding folks' pet research projects that have nothing to do with immediate/critical medical research or ways to enhance human life. I could go on but I'm sure you get my point.

My understanding from one of the economists is that Social Security would be more solvent than it is now if they would stop raiding the coffer from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you and yours have a good year!

Reggie said...

I agree Carolyn, someone needs to take a big ass pair of scissors to our military budget. We need to bring most of the troops that we have stationed around the world home.

Home to allow their tax dollars to stimulate growth in the local economies of Tucson, El Paso, Phoenix, Bumfuck Nevada and so forth.

We need to do better.

Maybe we don't need six aircraft carrier battle groups?!? Particularly since no one else even has one even close to what we have. It's suicide and masturbation all rolled into one.

Carolyn Moon said...

Reggie states.."someone needs to take a big ass pair of scissors to our military budget. We need to bring most of the troops that we have stationed around the world home."

LOL...ooh..my..for some reason I have an image of those scissors!

Foto Lokasi said...

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KAM said...

Great post...what will it take to awaken the right minds or get the right people in office before it's too late? They're not just crunching numbers, they're crunching people as you have expressed here.

Michelle Garrett said...

Great post and you hit the nail on the head on so many points! The politics in South Carolina (my home state) definitely would be top on the "Things that make you go hmmmm" list but I wish that more would be inspired and motivated to DO more rather than just say "oh well...this is the south...it is what it is". I agree, overall we have so much to be thankful for...let's use that as motivation to do more, give more, be more to our communities near and far.

Carolyn said...

@Michelle Garret states "overall we have so much to be thankful for...let's use that as motivation to do more, give more, be more to our communities near and far."

I appreciate your visit and the above comment can't be said enough!!! Peace..

Coco Rivers said...


Nothing resonates like truth and this does that beautifully.

I heard this quote the other day and it resonated, "He who finds abundance in the midst of scarcity is blessed."

That is what this post reminds me of. Things too important to be forgotten, guiding principles as it were.

I didn't realize that this was a quote from the Bible (don't ask) but in searching found the following article which you might like. http://www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=533

Peace & Blessings in 2013 and beyond,


Carolyn said...

Thanks for the link...I've been reading it and will bookmark it for it is one of those articles that I will refer to from time to time.
Making the bible passages relevant to what's been happening in the world
during recent generations brings it all home. Don't you think?

Bountiful blessings to you as well!

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