29 December 2017

The Musings Of A Septuagenarian Novice Signing Off & Welcoming 2018 With Trepidation And Conviction

What I've noticed during the beginning of each decade of my existence is that there was always a set of circumstances that marked its uniqueness beginning at the age of ten (Denarian). My mother remarried and my step-father became my beloved "Pop" for life. I, also, started my menses and my life of care-free days at the playground with the softball team was restricted and I began my years of dependency on Midol once a month not to mention other prohibitions. During my 20th year (Vicenarian) my politics were more to the left and Pan-Africanism and research on the history of my ancestors on this continent and globally with their detractors/oppressors became a preoccupation. I took nothing for granted and as Malcolm X had stated; think for yourself and always research what you hear and come to your own conclusions.  During my mid-twenties, I married and began a family which was no easy task due to medical concerns.  As I began my thirties (Tricenarian) my husband and I were surprised with another pregnancy and I completed my graduate studies.  Upon my 40th year (Quadragenarian); I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and fought resolutely through 2 separate diagnoses...five years apart.

 After years of psychiatric and medical/surgical social work, I started a private practice in my 50's (Quinquagenarian) focused on Employee Assistance Program clientele. For many, it was a time of extreme anxiety and depression over the loss of manufacturing jobs, corporate downsizing and the outsourcing of positions overseas. To kick off my 60's (Sexagenarian), my daughters arranged a wonderful expense free weekend and reunion with one of my dearest high school friends. I also realized that my prayers were answered as I sat through my daughters' undergraduate and graduate degree ceremonies and viewed our youngest daughter who is on the Autism spectrum graduate from an employee readiness program.

As I begin my 70th year, there have been many changes and surprises with the unsettling feelings of déjà vu.  "The more things change the more they stay the same" which is an old saying and no one really knows the origin of this adage.  I like Santhip Kanholy's take which is "Everything in this world has its own nature. There is a fundamental pattern that can be associated with most of the things, even to the nature of how things change. The more when things begin to change, the fundamental patterns become more apparent over time. The emergence of fundamental patterns amidst all the changes makes it remain the same in spite of the nature of change associated with the object."

Events and the circumstances from previous decades have re-surface, although, contextually there are some variations. It's, also, a recycling of politics with some hopeful nuances (two-term President of color) followed by a vicious and reactionary response that is taking us backward to the days of unrelenting struggle;  The Third Reconstruction... if you will! I can remember engaging in side-eye conversations with the freedom fighters of the 40's and 50's attempting to do some reality testing with us "militants" and I'm grateful that I didn't completely shutdown.  The wisdom of the elders should never be negated nor should the fresh ideas of the 'youngins' be disregarded.  I've been so impressed with some of the Gen Xers/Millennials. I will continue to be supportive in thought and finances for I truly believe that the effective passing of the torch is so vital to our future.

The chemo battles endured during my early 40's made it possible for me to actually accomplish and witness some of the events described above for which I'm truly thankful.  However, aging maladies and residual physical changes from that period have prompted my decision to limit my blogging activities. After 185 posts, it has become an effort to not rehash the same topics and to be more optimistic because these are troubling times and it seems the goodness of humanity is becoming anecdotal.  I plan to continue as curator and vetter for my online newspaper Viewpoints with an occasional brief commentary on selected and shared domestic and international stories as well as the opinions of others.  And of course, the afrosphere and blogosphere will be a constant in my life for I've been introduced to so many brilliant, humorous and interesting people for the past 9 years.

As I reflect on these things and prepare for the New Year ahead, I want to thank you not only for your readership but for your comments.  As I said in my mission statement; a forum for varying perspectives with shared epiphanies and the expanding, changing or maintaining of my own viewpoints.

Let us make 2018 a year of resistance to the harrowing aspects of humanity and encourage those qualities that make us hopeful, inspired and productive.


mary burrell said...

Happy New Year and many more to come.

Carolyn Moon said...

Thank you, Sis Mary and I, too, wish you a safe and wonderful New Year in spite of current events. :-)

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