04 April 2017

Commemoration of Dr. King's 1967 Speech: "Beyond Vietnam"

A brief and personal note:  It's amazing to me how things seem to change and still remain the same. As a young woman I witnessed those times and as others were so upset that Dr. King was speaking out against the war in Vietnam; I and many other young adults were cheering him on. In the spirit of true honesty, he was also pigeonholed by those in the black community who had given up on non-violent means of fighting oppression. My philosophy about "civil rights" had morph into "human rights" which broaden my concern for humanity beyond our shores and Dr. King had made that transition as well. He paid dearly for it and was forsaken by many of his cohorts, colleagues and fellow domestic freedom fighters. It was a difficult time for him and a loss for humanity.

 A scholar and minister of faith, Rev. William Barber  with his fusion politics and fight for the poor and oppressed requires our attention and support during this space in time.  His eloquence and  ability to focus not only on defining the problem (s) but solution planning brings renewed energy to the movement.  His 'Beyond the Dream'  events speech at Riverside Church this past Sunday to commemorate Dr. King's speech there April 4, 1967 was soul stirring and intellectually grounded within his own terms, vision and context of the times.  

 The link {below} is a documentary celebrating this memorable speech and man of truth, forethought and moral clarity. His undying love for the oppressed and their right to become free and fully functioning citizens of these United States and the world strengthens the legacy 50 years later.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967 “Beyond Vietnam” - In Memoriam -

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