20 September 2016

Anticipation: The National Museum of A-A History & Culture Opening

Founding Director:  Lonnie Bunch

September 24, 2016 marks the opening of a project that has been in the works for many years: The National Museum of African American History & Culture.

The scholar featured above, Lonnie Bunch, has steadfastly worked on this project for 10 years with the assistance of many.  He has met his goal of creating a museum with the huge task of presenting the black experience in America... the good, indifferent, bad and ugly.  The task was multi-fold; educative, devastatingly truthful, entertaining as well as empowering through artifacts, exhibitions, personal mementos and documents. This herculean display of the arduous plight of a people forced into slavery and their ongoing resolve to fight for dignity and full citizenship over the centuries merits not only our engagement but global participation. He didn't soft-pedal the experiences of Africans and their descendants which may or can be offensive to some, yet, has managed to be inclusive of all Americans through the lens of black experiences in this country.

Dare I say...that this will be a dynamic museum with historic,current and future events to show and tell! 



Lilacpr said...

It looks like a great experience! Hope every child in America has a chance to visit!

Carolyn Moon said...

I so agree. Good to hear from you and I trust that all is well.^◡^

mary burrell said...

I would love to one day visit the museum as it's in D.C. I would have to plan for a trip. The museum looks amazing from what I've seen on social media sites.

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