04 August 2016

Women of Color Trending in Fencing & Gymnastics: Olympics 2016


Ibtihaj Muhammad - Sabre Fencer
It's been a eye-opener for this senior citizen to find that there are African-American women perfecting their skills in fencing and honing their craft to the point of participating in this year's Olympics.  I have a sense of pride and curiosity as to how they were introduced to the sport and what was it about fencing that piqued their interest. Ibtihaj Muhammad is a lovely Muslim woman from New Jersey and 2007 graduate of Duke University.  From what little I've read and of course the source; it was her religious beliefs and strict dress codes that led to a sport where she would be fully covered. She's been a member of the United States Fencing Team since 2010.  Competing with her skills is the fact that she is the first woman to wear a Hijab to the Olympics.

Nzingha Prescod - Foil Fencer

Nzingha Prescod is returning to the 2016 Olympics after competing in the 2012 at age 19.  She's from Brooklyn, N.Y. and is a recent graduate of Columbia University.  The accolades and awards cited on her bio are many.  She has continued  to hone her skills during the interim and she as well as Ibtihaj will keep us spellbound  as they both compete for the gold. 

Three Gymnasts of Color Lead 2016 Team

There are many black female athletes competing at the 2016 Olympics. As the world witnesses this 'magic' in traditional and non-traditional sports; our young girls will know no limits!    

Simone Biles (bio)

Laurie Hernandez(bio) 

Gabrielle 'Gabby' Douglas(bio)


Photo Credit:  —Mike Blake / Reuters
*Gabby, Simone, Laurie, Aly & Madison


mary burrell said...

So proud of all these beautiful young queens

Carolyn Moon said...

There are so many of us who feel the same way. Support, Support and Support. That includes Simone Manuel, Michelle Carter and others who defy the odds.

lilac said...

Carolyn I closed the WordPress blog. May be starting another one soon, I will let you know. *Hugs*

Carolyn Moon said...

♥I look forward to it...Liza. ^◡^

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