13 February 2016

Maurice White ~ A Safe and Wondrous Journey To You

Maurice White Arrived December 19, 1941 and Set Sail February 3, 2016 

An article written by Jason King, on the NPR Music Site, Maurice White: The Audacity of Uplift struck a deep and abiding chord within me.  It is one of the best assessments on this once dynamic force of human nature.  We hear and acknowledge some of those common end of life sayings that aid the grief process.  The bottom line, however,  is what we give to the planet while taking up space.  Mr. White gave and left us the beauty and majesty of music.  It focused, at times, on accentuating the best of humanity and the paths to getting there.  What a legacy!                                              


Lilac pr said...

I often ponder on all of these wonderful lives that have enriched the world in so many ways! They are the great ones! The great humans!

Carolyn Moon said...

I so agree with you and appreciate your comment. It appears that we are losing so many of those groups and singers who provided the musical backdrop of our lives. Take care.

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