01 January 2016

God Speed Natalie Cole: February 6, 1950 ~ December 31, 2015


The USA Today article by Kristin McGraft in celebration of Ms. Cole rendered a wonderful tribute to this dynamic woman of song who transitioned New Year's Eve. There is also a video on the site of her singing a duet version of "Unforgettable"  with her father, Nat King Cole per the marvels of modern technology. A brief biography revealed that Ms. Cole had been giving concerts until recently when her health began to fail and she required intensive treatment. 

I've always been a fan of Natalie Cole and Whitney Houston. Several years before I retired, their playlists would alternately get me through the long commutes.  I understand that they were friends and when Ms. Houston was going through her trials, Natalie continued to support her for she knew the hellish existence of addiction. She maintained sobriety as far as we know, however, ravages of the disease compromised her health and she required a kidney transplant {2009} as well as treatment for Hepatitis C.  Ms. Cole continued to be vibrant and to honor her craft and love for entertaining which showed great courage and resolve.  An excerpt from the article was a testimony not only to her survival but ability to live and live well despite the challenges.  As follows, "I think that I am a walking testimony that you can have scars," she told CBS Sunday Morning in 2006. "You can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life."

One of my favorite videos of these accomplished women remind me of their resolve when they sung "Bridge Over Troubled Water". This is how I choose to remember them.  They've both crossed that bridge now and I pray that they are at peace.


mary burrell said...

May she rest in peace. I'm still in shock over her passing.

Carolyn Moon said...

I think we all are rather shocked by her death. She handled her illness with dignity and still wanted to share with the world her gift of song. I believe she stopped touring 3 months before her death. Bountiful blessings to her!

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