06 September 2015

I Could Have Been Sandra Bland: Black America’s Terrifying Truth

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Updated Commentary on Sandra Bland

This case has been especially troubling for me and I'm Sandra Bland, moreover, my adult daughters are Sandra Bland.  You see, two of them after college left for distant cities to pursue careers.  James and I waited anxiously on that call to let us know they had arrived safely.  Her Mother got that call and was greeted with 'Mommy,' I've arrived.  Her voice was upbeat and she looked forward to talking with her later but wanted to ease her nerves to let her know that "I 'm here".  Bye Bye was spoken with hope, relief and  a lilt.  A menacing force under the guise of law enforcement intervened shortly thereafter and Sandy to family and friends returned home in a casket. The onslaught of unjustified murders by rogue cops have been traumatic to say the least and when people cried out "That Black Lives Matter"; the response by the right, police unions and many mainstream whites have been "All Lives Matter" with excuses and rationales in support of those murders and "assisted suicides". 

In the  picture of her on the top right, she's wearing a Beatles tee with the title of their song "Let it Be".
Looked up the lyrics and I think I understand why that song was so special to her that she wore it for all to see.  No word yet!

Images of Sandra Bland

I Could Have Been Sandra Bland: Black America’s Terrifying Truth
By Brittney Cooper (Salon)

 A Personal Note:  Internal White Terrorism Continues From Those Paid To Serve and Protect:
I've read a number of articles and viewed interviews regarding the unjust arrest and suspicious death of Ms. Bland with varying emotional responses and questions. This article by Ms. Cooper sums up how many  black people view this incident and what many of us have experienced from time to time with rogue law enforcement officers .  She has also written another article on this subject that is a must read. It's become epidemic or now with modern technology the world is viewing what has gone on for many years in this country. The errors and changing accounts by the Waller County Police dept., DA and coroner's office require due diligence by the family, investigators at law enforcement agencies on the state/federal levels and in the public arena. 'For there by the grace of God {and all that is good}...go I.'
** 'Lawd' Sandy...What Did They Do To You?**



mary burrell said...

All us women and men in black bodies are Sandra Bland and all the other victims who have succumb to violence by racist law enforcement. Black Lives do matter. The dominant culture wants black voices silenced. That is why there is so much deflection in the mainstream media.

Carolyn Moon said...

@Mary Burrell...I totally agree with you and after reading what John McWhorter {ultra conservative} stated on Don Lemon's show regarding his op-ed piece "Antiracism,Our Flawed New Religion";we must add a growing number of blacks who want our voices silenced as well. To complicate matters there is this growing number of black progressives or liberals (mainly media driven)who insist that these conservatives be taken seriously and allowed a forum. That is why I'm given hope that the millennials like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alicia Garza,Opal Tometi,Patrisse Cullors, Mychal Denzel Smith and others are challenging the system and advocating for the people. Appreciate your comment.

Anonymous said...

What I'm wondering is what will it take for it to stop?

When is the order going to come down for law enforcement to stop this? I mean they are subject to orders from up above higher in the echelons of the department, or no?

Carolyn Moon said...

@lilacpr2000: It's a puzzle to me. They engage in these outrageously long and drawn out investigations. Authorities may issue the findings but no efforts toward solutions. As in the Tamir Rice case, the 12 year old who was shot seconds by police with no effort to engage at all. He had a toy gun and had he been given the opportunity to give that information; he'd be in school right now. These long drawn out investigations are smokescreens. For it is my opinion the hope is that the public will move on. We just learned that they found no fault by police in this case. I have very little confidence in the Justice Dept.. In the Freddy Gray case, Loretta Lynch's public priority was to visit the various stations starting with Baltimore to support and raise the morale among the police. And Baltimore has a well known and documented history of police brutality and the many lawsuits filed were paid by the municipality for their actions. That's why the "Black Lives Matter" movement is so crucial and deserves our support.

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