24 February 2014

Claudette Colvin: One of Many Unsung Heroines

Claudette Colvin:  Age 15
Abdul Ali wrote an article for The Root on Claudette Colvin titled, "The Woman Civil Rights Leaders Threw Under The Bus".  She was 15 years old when she refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery and was forcefully removed and assaulted by authorities.  She was referred to as the "Other Rosa Parks" during that period when Mrs. Parks became the symbol of resistance to Montgomery's segregated transportation system.  The historical accounts omitted her over time and many were taught that Rosa Parks was the only one who defied the system.  There were other blacks who resisted this southern practice as well and Ms. Parks would educate the audiences wherever she spoke about these courageous citizens. The selection process, however, for  this bold stance was based on colorism, stature and age.  In Mr. Ali's article, he provided a link to 'Democracy Now' and their interview with Ms. Colvin, age 73 about those events and what paths she's travelled since then.  

 'Lest We Forget' those who struggled and sacrificed for their offspring and descendants.


Anonymous said...

Caroline, you post the most interesting articles! This was unknown to me. I had no idea. So informative!

I think it would make a nice book,don't you?

Carolyn Moon said...

Hi Liza, Thank you. I think it would be a good book as well. Maybe, someone will suggest it and provide whatever means necessary to assist her in writing one.

I trust all is well and I love those 4 cakes you made, although, it was a strain on your back. Moving is a hassle, however, I'm with you on the thankful tip and will be glad when you are settled in your new place. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn! What I meant was that you should make all of these wonderful, insightful, informative articles into a book :) Your book! ;)

Carolyn Moon said...

Oh my God, Liza, I was really off the mark on this one. LOLOLOLOL!!
I thought about writing a book in the past. I appreciate your supportive comments. ✿◠‿◠

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