17 July 2013

Justice Denied ~ The Struggle Continues to Abrogate This Travesty!!

The article; 'The Verdict, and the Fallout Here' that I read on the Panopticon Review blog site was so compelling that I'm providing the link to that post. There is also a link on extra-judicial killings of 120 black folks in the article that deserves your attention as well. Daunting and heart wrenching to say the least!

 George Zimmerman
Killer found not guilty for the murder of:
Trayvon Martin



Reggie said...

As an African American man it's hard for me to think about this case and not feel both outraged and saddened by the thoughts and perceptions of my fellow Americans.

So many sit back and pretend that race is a non-issue in so many aspects of our society. I permeates our society like holes in Swiss cheese.

I don’t know if you saw Richard Cohen’s, the syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, comments about the trial. He claims to “hate that Trayvon Martin is dead,” he “also can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize.” That is, dark skin and a hooded sweatshirt. To anyone who has donned a similar “uniform” in solidarity with the dead, unarmed 17-year-old, Cohen writes, “The hoodie blinds them as much as it did Zimmerman,”

The reality is that this is how our fellow Americans think of us. Whether we’re wearing a suit or a hoodie, I suspect they always feel the same way. Oh yeah, they understand alright.

Carolyn Moon said...

Yes, I read about Cohen and a commentary about that very statement. It's sad that white boys can wear hoodies and it's not a 'uniform', however, young black males automatically become a menace when they wear one. And as you so rightly state that a black man in a suit is also considered a menace or has the potential to be one.

I must say, Reggie, that I was surprised how open and direct the DOJ Eric Holder was about his experiences with driving while black and one of them occurred while he was a DA Prosecutor. He spoke of having to have that talk with his 15 yr. old son like his Dad had with him and had hoped that he wouldn't have to pass that down. Trayvon Martin's death make it clear that although there has been some progress; many inequities of the past continue.

I'd also like to say that we are not only having to make the case of racial profiling with whites, but blacks, Trayvon's parents and their attorneys as well. It seems that some folks can't fathom that this young teenage boy was fearful for his life as well that night. The only fear recognized is that of Zimmerman although he set into motion the events that led to this so-called apprehension. Reports are that he was quite calm after the murdering of Trayvon when he told a resident to call the police and to tell his wife that "I just shot someone"! I've signed several petitions for the DOJ to re-investigate the violation of his civil rights. We must not let this rest until some kind of redress is realized. I appreciate the visit and your comments.

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