30 May 2013


Marvin Junior ~ 1936- 5/29/2013

In my blog profile I address the significance of  memorable musical accompaniments for this grand symphony that we call life. Stevie Wonder's timeless album "Songs in the Key Of Life" dramatizes this concept so well.  The quotes "music is what feelings sound like"–Author Unknown and "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn." {Charlie Parker} were also used to further illustrate the importance of musical backdrops and how it enhances our lives.
Yesterday, we lost Marvin Junior of The Dells to kidney failure at age 77. His rich, raspy baritone voice will be with us as long as we have access to their many albums, cds, tapes and videos of concert performances.  The 'Baby Boomers' and their offspring can better understand the mixed feelings of sadness and joy as I type this tribute.  There were many wonderful memories--some bittersweet with the melodic stirrings of life altering and sustaining events.  Many of us rocked, reflected, laughed and cried to those lilts that stirred our souls and made us dance.  If such a thing exists; it would be wonderful if he's had a reunion with his long time friend and group member, Johnny Carter, who transitioned in 2009. 

Johnny Carter ~ 1939- 8/21/2009

'There Is' Review: Released 1968

One of my favorite albums "There Is" was one of the soundtracks during the earlier years of our marriage.  James and I created some of our best achievements, Kamilah, Niya and Lakie during that time. 

There are three remaining members of the group, Charles Barksdale, Michael McGill and Verne Allison and although they are in semi-retirement; I wish them the very best as they continue on this journey without Marvin and Johnny.

Photo Credit: The Mighty Dells.Com

For your viewing and listening pleasure; this is a video of one of their performances; 'Oh What A Night' !


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Rest in peace! Love them. Remember " Oh What A Night'? The golden oldies! Kinda like us hehehehe:)

Carolyn said...

@Desertflower...I know...right! Had some wonderful times and great memories. Well we are golden oldies and as Martha Stewart states.."and that's a good thing". :-)

Anonymous said...


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