01 November 2012


What a hit Sandy!  You brought new meaning to super storms and you also made us aware of how  meteorological warnings have advanced.  They were right about this one; to our chagrin.  If there was a time when we had hoped the weather service would be inaccurate; it surely would have been this one.  The above shots are rather daunting and this pales as we look at the other images of destruction in many states along the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast.  This was a personal nail biter for me as well as concern for my fellow human beings.  The domino effect of this carnage and what it has done to major societal systems such as commerce, medicine, food and water supplies, education, employment and just basic social welfare issues overwhelms the senses.

We've read about stories of heroism and concern for the welfare of all in many of the communities devastated by this super storm.  It's unfortunate the ugliness of politics has again become national and gives pause to how some choose to use this cataclysmic event to gain points and hopefully win the upcoming election.
President Obama and Governor Christie have provided a shining example for us as to how our leaders should conduct themselves when the welfare of millions are at stake. Partisan politics should  have no place in this arena. 

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