11 April 2012


A number of articles and posts have been written by bloggers and journalists at various news outlets about this young man who was murdered by  neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. The 911 tape has been released and reveals what actually transpired that night.  It challenges Zimmerman's account of the incident.  What is far more egregious is the failure of law enforcement officials to make an arrest of this apparent killer.

There will be no rest in the land until the proper handling of this case occurs and this man is brought to justice.  Sign petitions, call legislators, march-- if need be. If all fails, fight to have the Justice Dept. intervene if  the local police force continues to cover up this murder and support this vigilante without a worthy cause or a clue!  Below are links with further details and the audio 911 call.  It's disturbing and my prayers are with the family for this is certainly a personal nightmare for them and another incident (there are many) of cruelty and racist behavior.  Yes, I said the latter, for racism is alive and well--in the midst of the myth of a 'post racial society'.  The fact that it is taking so long to file criminal charges against this man is an affront to citizens who believe in justice and fair play not only in this country but around the world.  


A news conference held by State Attorney Angela Corey 4/11/2012 announced that the first step in securing justice for Trayvon Martin and his family had begun.  George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder and is currently incarcerated.

The family, their lawyers, Rev. Al Sharpton and others connected with this effort held an impressive press conference shortly after the charges were presented. They cautioned that this is no time to rejoice or "gloat'" for there is still a long struggle ahead and that they and the public will be monitoring and making sure that justice prevails in this case. There was also a concerted effort to maintain that people of all ethnicities were involved in the effort to seek justice for Trayvon and that it was a matter of the heart which is red...not black nor white. All the rationales by those who support George Zimmerman and some folks of color who provided distractions from the issue of the Martin killing should heed the message in that statement. 

I think of Trayvon's parents who no longer have their son and all the milestones that they were entitled to with him are no longer possible and my heartfelt sympathy for their grief and agony persist. There is also relief that a long arduous process with the help of fair minded people who love justice and respect the rights of others culminated in the arrest and charges filed today.


KeKeMichel said...

As I read you post, the question that came to me was--where did it go wrong? I believe that Zimmerman was/is a vigilante! He felt that waiting for the police would take too long, so he took the law into his own hands. That is where it went wrong--when Zimmerman decided to take the law into his own hands. Some may argue that it went wrong when Trayvon walked in a gated community wearing urban street gear, in the pouring rain. Because, in some such communities, it is very odd to see people walking on foot, unless they are exercising or walking the dog. Above all of that, my theory is that everything begins with a thought. Zimmerman showed contempt when he stated that black people always get away with something. (I know he used derogatory language when he said that). Also, wrong can be attributed to the unjust and ridiculous laws that allow people like Zimmerman to get away with murder.

Carolyn said...

I believe it went wrong when Zimmerman profiled him and began stalking and didn't listen to the authorities to stop pursuit and let them handle it.

If he had shown some restraint--he would have observed Trayvon entering his destination. Where he was going was close to the gated community and he may have taken a shortcut because it was raining. It may have started raining while he was the store and had to walk in the rain.

Boys of all ethnic groups wear hoodies and we both know that this young man was profiled because he was black. Also, the citizens in that community complained about his aggressiveness with other residents. He was a self-appointed neighborhood watchman.

The lead investigator wanted him arrested for manslaughter at least and he was told by the DA to back off.

Sistergirl said...

I Feel for his mother. Its soo awful.

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