18 January 2012


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The President has taken another stand in opposition to the party of "no". I must say I'm quite impressed with his decision to reject the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the refineries in Texas.There are definitely serious concerns that will override the overly optimistic projected 20,000 new jobs the completion of this pipeline will afford Americans. Of late,I must say,his usual conciliatory stances or for some capitulation on some of the issues that progressives championed have turned 180°. 
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I might also add that the majority of those jobs will be temporary and the workers will no longer be needed once the two year project is completed.  This "toxic sludge" will travel through many states crossing at least 70 rivers/streams. Nebraska is definitely against it for a contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer which provides water to a substantial area of that state would be catastrophic. It has been reported that the existing pipeline has had approximately 12 leakages in just one year of operation. I've provided links to the pros and cons of the pipeline and you have reputable agencies and scientists who have grave concerns about completing this project. I will of course, leave it up to the reader to decide how much of a risk we should take for the temporary provision of jobs. We all remember those oil spills in the gulf region and I believe a mishap associated with this pipeline can be devastating with implications for future generations that are daunting.  For now the President is putting a halt to it but expect the Republicans to use this as a political sledgehammer to score points and stoke the resolve of those who want to make him a one-termer.

I began this post praising the President for "standing up" to his detractors and opponents in a substantive way re: the pipeline, however, he's been fearless in other areas that are of critical concern to the middle class and poor. He's taking a no nonsense approach to fixing our economy and reducing unemployment despite a recalcitrant Republican base and congress.  There will be no cuts on spending without an increase in taxes on the wealthy and corporations and he's going to use his ace in the hole (if necessary) which is the power to veto.  Social Security cuts, changing medicare eligibility from 65 to 67 are off the table. He's also, pushing equity with the tax code which will allow the wealthy to share the nation's tax burden.  

There are many other achievements of this administration which are unheralded, yet, listed on many blog sites. One in particular is Jack & Jill Politics. They published a 4 part exhaustive series on President Obama's 244 Accomplishments. I recommend that you read it when you get a chance. 

Many of us and I'm included in this saw what we wanted to see and had expectations that may not have been realistic, however, I will continue to support this President. The critical nature of the office has aged many who have taken on this task. When they are candidates--their proposals and goals are so idealistic and many are challenged in a myriad of ways once they've move into the White House. The dynamics of privileged information unavailable to them as candidates on a domestic and global scale are revealed as well as the issues they ran on. The true character, intelligence and resolve of the individual are tested for the next 4 or 8 years. Some political and policy missteps not withstanding; I think his overall performance has been above average in spite of the continual opposition and excruciating problems he's faced since taking office. 


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