08 November 2011

The Importance of This Viral Success

I was at the emending stage of a post regarding aging and relationships when I first viewed this most pleasant and heartwarming father daughter dance team.  The implications and significance of how popular it became struck a chord for me especially in the area of group racial stereotypes.  It also  warranted a brief departure from the task at hand.  It was a success on YouTube and a lot of the black blogs showcased it.  As it were, when I awoke to Good Morning America and again viewed them in Times Square after a brief interview; I was struck by mainstream media wanting to share in the moment.  As they reenacted their dance routine I noticed that it was also on the huge LED Video Billboard as well.

It occurred to me that we-- meaning black bloggers and the mainstream media tend to focus on the harsh realities and dysfunctional behaviors in some of our communities and when something like this comes along; it's seen as the exception by most.  I recognize that when you have so many exceptions and anecdotal experiences to the contrary; it is no longer an anomaly or exception to the rule.  

There is a need for us to showcase more of what is wonderful and great about black people.... especially in some quarters.  It is stunning to me; how our resilience and determination as a group under the most harsh and oppressive circumstances continues despite the barriers and ongoing challenges we face.  I wrote a post on colorism and featured Dr. Na'im Akbar (July 20, 2011), a black psychologist whom I read and studied for many years and utilized his unique psychological perspective when it came to people of color in this country.  He made it clear that despite the efforts to make us as group feel less than...we have this ability to not only survive but persevere and for many do quite well.  There are many casualties but he recognizes that our ability to love ourselves is tantamount to how far we've come.  We have a distance to go but it's an amazing feat.  

Some-- I'm sure will think that my observations regarding this father daughter wedding reception dance are overstated.  However, what I saw and have seen on many occasions is that strong bond between daughters and fathers in our community and that so many of our fathers are loving and care for their children and families.  When that is portrayed in the black blogosphere and mainstream media--it is a good thing for we've been deluged with the absent father syndrome and family dysfunction as a "black thing".  The above video says to the world that what you see here is also a "black thing".  We need to love ourselves more. There have been a few entries to this effect on some of the blogs.  With all that said what we need is balance so we can view these events without that stale tape of exceptionalism running in our heads.
Video of Father & Daughter Dance Team as featured on GMA


Anonymous said...

What a great moment! It looks like he is the type of dad who thoroughly enjoyed,played and clowned around with his kids.
I bet he choreographed the entire thing too! :)

Carolyn Moon said...

@Desertflower...I agree.
He said it started out as "old school dance" vs current trendy dances. ^◡^

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